Jo?o Carlos Mendes Lu?s <jonny at jonny.eng.br> writes:

I've already noticed that almost 30G of data is saved on CentOS
mirrors (only counting release 4/5, i386 and x86_64 archs), just by
using hardlinks for similar packages.
Another 300 files, 79Mbytes could be saved. Not as much as what is
already saved, but some (38) of these files are RPMs, so it makes me
wonder if the hardlink process is not automatic at all, and who should I
contact in such cases, if not this list.
Could somebody on the CentOS mirror team please comment on this?

I also wonder why no hardlink script is run on the CentOS master
mirrors. I run a script periodically on our mirror, and as Jo?o says
this saves a significant amount of disk space.

If this were done on the master mirrors it would save bandwidth while
mirrors are syncing. Especially when a new minor release is rolled out,
as several RPMs in the new release is identical to the old one. This of
course only works if everybody runs rsync with -H.

Kind regards,

P?r Andersson
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