i would opt for an IP based ACL. ithink to set up usernames for every tier1
mirror separately is to bothersome. and if you have only one
username/password to give to ALL tier1s, that just isn't good, imho.

J.H. wrote:
Kernel.org would is completely willing.

However would it not make more sense to just set up a second rsync
target and explicitly exclude *DVD* or something akin to that so that
those not wanting the DVD's got everything BUT the dvd isos? That might
be a lot quicker and simpler than doing a hard linked set of trees.

As for letting other mirrors sync from the tier1's is there any
consideration for authentication as it would be nice to just run, again,
a separate target that can see everything in the centos directory but
check either the incoming ip address or (as I currently have setup) a
username/password combination so that only mirrors are using those
targets and not the general public. If you did it via an ip list you
could just have that sync with the rest of the Centos tree, if you did
it via username/passwords you'd need to have the tier1's sync a separate
target or something with that list.

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley
Kernel.org Admin
On Mon, 2007-04-16 at 11:50 -0600, David Richardson wrote:
On Sun, 15 Apr 2007, Lance Davis wrote:

There has been some confusion about the CentOS and CentOS-incdvd rsync
targets , and the fact that some mirrors have dvd isos included in the CentOS
target, so what we would like to do is to have a list of tier 1 mirrors that

1. provide rsync access to the complete CentOS release tree
2. would be prepared to act as a seed for new mirrors
3. would be prepared to set up separate CentOS and CentOS-incdvd targets for
other mirrors to sync against, either initial or recurring syncs (the trees
would be hardlinked, so extra space required is minimal).
mirror.chpc.utah.edu already has the DVD images and provides rsync access
to the complete tree, and I would be willing to set up the separate rsync

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