On 13 March 2015 at 13:25, Toni Spets wrote:

Hello list,

I've been in contact with Anders F Bj?rklund (afb) earlier this week
regarding the state of Xfce on CentOS 7 and in general in any supported
EPEL release.

What we discussed was what he has done in the past for his personal use
and what are the things we would both agree on that should get some
attention to make the experience better.

Here are some initial things that we think are critical (give or take,
Anders has his own list):

1. Packaging issues
- comp group @xfce-desktop doesn't depend on @X Window System so it
doesn't really work and has some wrong packages and some missing
- @xfce-desktop depends on gdm instead of lightdm, we think it should do
that instead
- dejavu sans fonts are not a dependency and fonts are broken because of
- gtk-xfce-engine package is missing (EPEL7)

2. Branding issues
- "Default" appearance theme is missing (requires gtk-xfce-engine,
request sent to EPEL)
- default background is blank (broken Fedora branding, patch submitted)
- default icon set is wrong and broken (should be GNOME because "Fedora"
doesn't exist on RHEL, patch submitted)

Hey guys. I realize it has been a month, and I forgot to send out that
there is a centos-xfce channel I have been sitting in if people are on IRC
and want to work out what is needed for finishing up 4.12 for CentOS.

Stephen J Smoogen.
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