Cayenne is looking for xml files in your jar/war by it's pass. pass is
Relative (not absolute).
So when you are building you jar/war you should care that this
configuration files are placed in jar/war in same manner you are
configured your application.

You can use DefaultConfiguration / FileConfiguration to set path to cayenne.xml



2009/12/31 Michael Gentry <mgentry@masslight.net>:
I put my Cayenne configuration files in src/main/resources, at least
for Maven projects.


On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 6:39 AM, Marek Šabo wrote:
Hi everyone,

I started using cayenne yesterday and got it up and running in my webapp
alongside wicket. I have question about configuration files: can i put them
somewhere else besides the source root (for wicket it is src/main/java) and
then define that location somewhere - e.g. filter configuration in web.xml?
Point is I would very much like to have it under src/main/resources (e.g.
like hibernate does) but then I think it probably won't be able to
traceroute the location of mapping classes from package name.

TIA, regards

Marek Šabo
Chief Server Manager
Club SU CVUT Buben
Bubenečská Kolej
Terronská 28, Prague 16000
XMPP: zeratul021@gmail.com

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