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Another release on the journey to Cayenne 3.0! This milestone adds a
plethora of new features including quoting of identifiers (useful for
db column names with spaces), nested contexts in ROP, and EJBQL/
SQLTemplate/ProcedureQuery queries now support the full range of
configuration options available to native SelectQueries. The Modeler
received new features such schema analysis on startup (which can
prompt the user to create or upgrade the database schema) and support
for EJBQL. Naturally, lots of bug fixes have also made it into Cayenne
in the last 5 months since the previous milestone.

The Cayenne team have also decided to not target JPA compliance for
3.0, and instead focus on further improvements to the range and
flexibility of the native API. Although Cayenne may return to focus on
JPA in the future, the work done already (such as lifecycle events,
EJBQL, etc) has been very useful and will remain important parts of
Cayenne for everyone to use. Cayenne's clean and powerful API is one
of the main reasons users choose this library and focussing our
efforts there is our primary goal.

We hope you enjoy this latest release. There will probably be only one
more release with new features before 3.0 is settled into beta
testing, so we encourage everyone to try this latest milestone, and
report back to us with any important missing functionality. We have
several developers who track Cayenne trunk reasonably closely in
production systems, so we are confident of the stability of this
release. It is likely that there will be some API changes before the
final 3.0 is released.


Full release notes:

Ari Maniatis, on behalf of the Cayenne PMC

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