On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 4:35 PM Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
On 5/01/2016 11:58pm, Michael Gentry wrote:

I'd like to start a conversation about future improvements for CM.

My current wish list:

- Java Entities
- Class Level:
- Ability to add extra imports.
This seems like something that should go into the velocity templates
rather than the model.
- Ability to add interfaces implemented.
What would be the purpose of adding an interface to the _superclass when
you need to implement the methods in the subclass?
- Ability to add JavaDoc.
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CAY-400 is the beginning of this
concept. I put some time into it ages ago. And then I used it as a test
when hiring a couple of new developers. Bad sadly I never went back to tidy
it all up and get it finished.

- Ability to add annotations.
Yes, that would be cool.

- Attribute Level:
- Ability to add JavaDoc.
- Ability to add annotations.
- Relationship Level:
- Ability to add JavaDoc.
- Ability to add annotations.
- Ability to drill-down through relationships.*
That would be really useful.

- DB Entities
- Table Level:
- Ability to add comments (for DBs that support comments).
- Column Level:
- Ability to add comments (for DBs that support comments).
- Relationship Level:
- Ability to add comments (for DBs that support comments).
I think that's https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CAY-400 again.

- Ability to drill-down through relationships.*

* Llike EOModeler, in the left-hand navigation pane. You could keep
expanding the relationship tree to expose other entities/relationships.

We've also previously chatted a bit about if we even want to keep
maintaining the current form of CM. If we did want to overhaul the
implementation, what route should we go?
Unless someone is committing to do all the work I doubt this is really
feasible. But it's ok to dream. What is there to gain in switching

- JFX (Seems like Oracle's ugly stepchild and I question their
to it.)
I wouldn't judge it so harshly. I'm slowly moving a project from Swing to
FX and there seems to be a good amount of support and new functionality
added in each Java release. Plus it doesn't have to be an all at once
I don't think JavaFX is going to disappear, but it's not gaining popularity
or usage either. But the fact that it integrates with swing makes it
possible migrate slowly, which is a big benefit. Still, what is to gain?

I have no opinion there, but I didn't think that was a framework still in
active development.
SWT is the UI framework that powers eclipse. It gives you platform-native
widgets, so the appearance and interaction is top-notch and feels native.
SWT isn't widely used outside eclipse, but it is very much alive. Also
there is a web-based version of the same API that can be used to turn your
java app into a native-web app; however, this is even less widely used.

- Eclipse Plugin (The WOLips route.)
JasperStudio went the same way and it seems to work for them. And I think
Apache Directory Studio might also be an Eclipse plugin. Being bound to
someone else's application does seem potentially dangerous (does the plugin
break with every major release of Eclipse?). Does it increase the
difficulty of new people hacking at the code... I think that should be our
number one criteria: what's the easiest environment for new people to get
This is similar to SWT, but with more on top. Since there is already a
prototype of CayenneModeler in eclipse this would be a realistic path. But
are there gains that are worth it?

- Electron (Used by Atom and Visual Studio Code, among others.)
Never played with it.
Electron is the shell for the Chrome web browser. It allows you to package
a web app as a native application (like Chrome). It allows you to develop
your app using web technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript) which could be very
productive. But I'm not convinced that's a plus even though I like the

Your thoughts greatly appreciated!
To my mind, there is only a small gain in moving away from Swing and quite
a bit of work. But if you had the time to put into it, JavaFX is most
likely to survive another 15 years from the options you give above.


Aristedes Maniatis
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