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I don't pretend to understand it all, but here's how Hessian does its work:

That is using java.lang.reflect.Constructor, so is that is aware of
serialVersionUID? says that Hessian is cross-language. Which rules out Java's standard serialization anyway.

Now I'm really wondering why Cayenne is bothering with @Serializable and serialVersionUID in the first place.

If a superclass doesn't have any data involved in serialization, it doesn't need any annotation; subclasses can still be @Serializable.
The subclasses - well, they're the programmer's domain, he can add @Serializable and serialVersionUID as needed, or leave them out if unnecessary.

I don't see a use case for generating serialVersionUID or @Serializable in the first place.

(Unless I'm overlooking something. But what could that be?)

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