On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 12:49 PM, Drew Kutcharian wrote:
Hey Guys,

What should I look out for when deploying a single node installation? We want to launch a product that uses Cassandra and since we are going to have very little load initially, we were thinking of just going live with one node and eventually add more nodes as the load (hopefully) grows. Is this practice recommended?
I'm far from an expert and single node should be fine for development,
but for your production site, I'd suggest going with a minimal 'real'
cluster (2-3 nodes). in my limited experience with hadoop, single
node is significantly different from multinode, and I wouldn't want to
start from a position where config is certain to have to
fundamentally change as opposed to just grow. But that's just my
first guess, you could try a dev move from a single node to a dual
node to find out how difficult it might be.

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