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What version of Camel do you use?

There was a bug recently that causes Camel to log handled exceptions.
So try to upgrade.
On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 4:14 PM, Ed Welch wrote:
Hopefully this is an easy question, I have an exception handler:

.log(LoggingLevel.WARN, log, "Unknown TN: ${exception.message}");

Which is almost working exactly as I would like, I can catch exceptions and it logs the message at WARN level.

However, it also logs this at ERROR level every time:

Failed delivery for (MessageId: ID-esb-uat1-eus-elnk-net-51221-1462478239909-0-312 on ExchangeId: ID-esb-uat1-eus-elnk-net-51221-1462478239909-0-311). Exhausted after delivery attempt: 1 caught: UnknownTnException: No TN was found in VENDOR_ID_MAP with requestID: 31133719. Processed by failure processor: FatalFallbackErrorHandler[Channel[Log()[Unknown TN: ${exception.message}]]]

Message History
RouteId ProcessorId Processor Elapsed (ms)
[AsyncResponseRoute] [AsyncResponseRoute] [activemq:// ] [ 75]
[AsyncResponseRoute] [setProperty1 ] [setProperty[rawXml] ] [ 0]
[AsyncResponseRoute] [unmarshal12 ] [unmarshal[org.apache.camel.model.DataFormatDefinition@12c10a52] ] [ 1]
[AsyncResponseRoute] [process31 ] [Processor@0x447c7468 ] [ 74]
[ ] [log24 ] [log ] [ 0]

How can I keep this error log from showing up?? looking at the camel exception page, all the examples seem to end with a producer of some kind that sends the message on to another destination.

I don't need to send it anywhere, i just want to log my message at WARN level and that's it.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Claus Ibsen
----------------- @davsclaus
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