On Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 5:51 PM, Dale King wrote:
Through simple and OGNL we have nice easy ways to read the properties of
beans in the body, headers, or properties. But what I cannot find is an
easy way to invoke a setter on a bean property, but perhaps I am missing

I can certainly create a bean or processor to invoke the setter, but it
seems to me that if I am forced to do it for something as simple as setting
a property then something is missing in Camel. I try to do as much as
possible in Camel.

I can certainly use another language like javascript, groovy, or el to do
it, but once again bringing in a whole new language seems like overkill
just to set a property.

So 3 operations that i don't see an easy way to do in Camel without
resorting to these heavyweight solutions are:

- Set a bean property
- More generally, you should be able to invoke any method on a bean
including with parameters
- Create a new instance of a bean (possibly with parameters)

Correct me if I am wrong and there is a simple way to do these.
Well there is something called Java programming language, where you
can do all that ;)
Dale King

Claus Ibsen
Red Hat, Inc.
Email: cibsen@redhat.com
Twitter: davsclaus
Blog: http://davsclaus.com
Author of Camel in Action: http://www.manning.com/ibsen

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