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Just a heads up that the work of this has been merged to master branch.

What it allows is to use spring boot configuration / auto
configuration to configure Camel components. For example IDEA/Eclipse
has tooling that supports this, so you can use type safe configuration
in the / yaml file etc.

The ticket has a screenshot of IDEA showing this in action.

To ensure we keep all these options in sync, we generate this during
the build of the Camel components.

So we have a Maven plugin that creates .java source file for Spring
Boot Auto configuration in .springboot sub packages. Then the regular
Spring Boot APT processor/plugin takes over when java compiles the
source code, and it creates the spring book descriptor files. So in
other words this is created 100% the way Spring Boot.

Because this is generated, then when you add a new option to a Camel
component (component level) then its automatic included/updated the
java source code and spring boot updates as well. For Camel component
developers you do not "feel a thing" just do as normal and you get the
Spring Boot magic automatic.

The Camel component works fine outside Spring Boot, and its only
optional the Spring Boot configuration files. So users that use Spring
Boot gets this enabled by just adding the Camel components as

Notice this is only for configuring components option, not endpoints.
For the latter there is a new ticket about that:

Claus Ibsen
----------------- @davsclaus
Camel in Action 2:

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