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We tend to make the camel components requires as few dependencies as
possible, eg typically only what would be used without Camel.

Also we often do not have much need for equals/hashCode/toString etc
as they tend to be more in use for domain model classes which we dont
really use.

And if we need those methods its IMHO easy to generte from IDEA/Eclipse and use.

Also dont use commons-lang / guava to just have a method to check for
empty string or the likes. There is plenty of util methods in
camel-core from ObjectHelper and others in the util package you should
use. And also with JDK7+ we have Strings, Objects etc that has some

Short answer is therefore no.

On Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 8:40 PM, arno noordover wrote:
At my work I'm used to use commons-lang and others.
When I need a hashcode or equals I use these jars.
What is acceptable by the Camel community?
Should or shouldn't I use these jars?

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