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It can be a view, or a transformation. You might view data_a with
schema_b. Or, you might take binary data, conforming to schema A and
directly re-write it to binary data, conforming to schema B. Most Avro
APIs don't yet handle workflows that are not 'read' and 'write' --
transformations to or from object representations to serialized forms.

The general case includes all transformation classes as well as views.
On 6/8/13 10:16 PM, "Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy" wrote:

On Sat, 8 Jun 2013, Scott Carey wrote:

In a more general sense it is simply "from" and "to" -- One might move
from schema A to B without serialization at all, transforming a data
structure, or simply want a view of data in the form of A as if it was
in B.
I'd like to zoom in on this specific point for a little, if I may.

I think serialization is a red herring. It's always a transformation of
one data structure to another, because a claim could be made that one
cannot transform a serialized form without loading it into a data
structure first.

In fact, I think it's always the latter case, a *view*, as you aptly
described it. Which makes it not so much a "from" and "to", but more a
"view A as B"?

Something like:

value_b = value_a.view_as(schema_b)

Just my late-night $0.02.


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