Joe Hammerman writes:

If we replaced Sed with Cat, I'm a little confused as to what we would be catting; there's a stream coming in, right?

To your second question - yes, logging is fully functional with sudo

To your final question - no, even with a sed command that performs no actions, no logging information is generated.

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We have an issue with mod_log_config; specifically we are trying to pipe log output through Sed before it goes to Cronolog. The result is that we get no output whatsoever.

CustomLog "| /bin/sed s/[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\}\\\.[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\}\\\.[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\}\\\.[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\},\\\ //g | /usr/bin/sudo -u VEsvc /usr/sbin/cronolog --period=1hours /mnt/export/www/logs/beacon/%Y%m%d/%H/survey_log" combined env=survey_log

ErrorLog "| /bin/sed s/[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\}\\\.[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\}\\\.[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\}\\\.[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\},\\\ //g | /usr/bin/sudo -u VEsvc /usr/sbin/cronolog --period=1hours /mnt/export/www/logs/beacon/%Y%m%d/%H/error_log"

We have also experimented with writing a wrapper script that performs all three of the above functions - the result is the same.
What's the simplest case that doesn't work? What if you take out the
whole 'sed' command and just use /bin/cat? Does invoking cronolog with
sudo work when not receiving input piped from another command? Does it
work with a simpler sed script?
Okay, then you're saying this gives you logging:

CustomLog "| /usr/bin/sudo -u VEsvc /usr/sbin/cronolog --period=1hours /mnt/export/www/logs/beacon/%Y%m%d/%H/survey_log" combined env=survey_log

but this doesn't:

CustomLog "| /bin/sed | /usr/bin/sudo -u VEsvc /usr/sbin/cronolog --period=1hours /mnt/export/www/logs/beacon/%Y%m%d/%H/survey_log" combined env=survey_log

How about this:

CustomLog "| /bin/cat | /usr/bin/sudo -u VEsvc /usr/sbin/cronolog --period=1hours /mnt/export/www/logs/beacon/%Y%m%d/%H/survey_log" combined env=survey_log

"cat" with no arguments just copies stdin to stdout, so we can tell if sed is the problem, or the piping.

Also, I would think if putting the piped command directly in the log config is the problem, then replacing it with a wrapper script ought to work. I assume your script looked like:

/bin/sed s/[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\}\\\.[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\}\\\.[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\}\\\.[0-9]\\\{1,3\\\},\\\ //g | /usr/bin/sudo -u VEsvc /usr/sbin/cronolog --period=1hours /mnt/export/www/logs/beacon/%Y%m%d/%H/survey_log

(maybe with one level of backslashes removed), was marked executable, and the full path was configured:

CustomLog "| /path/to/wrapper/script" combined env=survey_log

You might try a simpler script:

/bin/cat >>/path/to/logfile

again just to rule out something funny in the sed/sudo/cronolog part as opposed to Apache.

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