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Thank you for the suggestions so far from Antoine and Michael. unfortunately
I've been asked to use ANT only without using unix shell scripts. I have
tried to tackle it as individual modules using ANT script running the 1st
iteration of the mysql scripts against newschema1. I need to run each
iteration against all 4 schemas, then it would do a version check and if
version check wasn't met then it would start 2nd iteration and so on.

This is rather urgent so I would appreciate any assistance. I need to create
a recursive loop which I can't do and also some error checking module as
well as some how linking these modules together so that they depend on each
other etc... At the moment I have to run each target on its own.

Please feel free to change my novice attempt at writing an ANT script.

Thank you
You can look into macrodef if you need to run several times the same
task or the same set of tasks with slightly different parameters.
Also, if you need loops and recursions, you might be better off writing
your own ant task (this is documented online too in the manual) and make
this ant task use the exec and sql task to do the work.


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