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    If people would like to play, I have created a little kit to help in creating first class enum types in a few seconds. It works something like this: make TYPENAME=rainbow ENUMS=' "red", "orange", ...
    Andrew DunstanAndrew Dunstan
    Oct 27, 2005 at 7:47 pm
    Jan 29, 2006 at 1:49 am
  • I am absolutely sure that I never changed any of the enable_xxx settings other than enable_mergejoin during these tests. The only other setting I played with was random_page_cost, but the nested loop ...
    Kevin GrittnerKevin Grittner
    Oct 7, 2005 at 5:39 am
    Dec 2, 2005 at 9:48 am
  • First, that was Merlin and not me :-) Second, it didn't really show any improvement for him either in his normal test. But when he re-ran it with just the count(*) test it showed improvement. Did you ...
    Magnus HaganderMagnus Hagander
    Oct 22, 2005 at 10:55 am
    Oct 25, 2005 at 3:16 pm
  • Hi, I'm using 8.1beta4 on a development server for a rather db-intensive application. This application has a multiprocess daemon which was working fairly well in past. After some recent changes I ...
    Matteo BeccatiMatteo Beccati
    Oct 27, 2005 at 8:59 am
    Oct 28, 2005 at 4:51 pm
  • I'm looking at trying to fix some clear flaws in costing which cause of our real-world queries to choose sub-optimal plans under PostgreSQL. It's clear that there needs to be a tool to analyze the ...
    Kevin GrittnerKevin Grittner
    Oct 12, 2005 at 11:29 pm
    Oct 19, 2005 at 7:59 pm
  • Just before 8.1beta2 went out, Neil made the following changes: Rename pg_complete_relation_size() to pg_total_relation_size(), for the sake of brevity and clarity. Make pg_reload_conf(), ...
    Tom LaneTom Lane
    Oct 7, 2005 at 1:27 am
    Oct 8, 2005 at 11:34 pm
  • This behaviour has been around so long that I've gotten used to it but I've always considered it a bug. Yet it has never been fixed so I'm going to ask if anybody else has issues with this behaviour. ...
    Martijn van OosterhoutMartijn van Oosterhout
    Oct 16, 2005 at 1:25 pm
    Jun 14, 2006 at 4:58 pm
  • Richard_D_Levine@raytheon.com; Oracle cast('a ' about I suppose that there may be some value in having 'J&^% ' be different from 'J&^% '. I would expect to insert a password with trailing blanks to ...
    Dann CorbitDann Corbit
    Oct 19, 2005 at 9:38 pm
    Oct 25, 2005 at 4:01 am
  • http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-patches/2005-10/msg00191.php This looks to me like a pretty important performance tweak for Windows. Can any of the people who worked on the Windows signal ...
    Tom LaneTom Lane
    Oct 21, 2005 at 3:29 pm
    Oct 22, 2005 at 3:41 pm
  • Autovacuum is getting put into the 8.1 release which is awesome. A lot of us are wondering now that PostgreSQL has all the features that many of us need, what are the features being planned for ...
    Karen hillKaren hill
    Oct 14, 2005 at 4:57 pm
    Nov 15, 2005 at 6:24 am
  • I've been having this problem since trying to upgrade from 7.4.1 to 8.03, and now 8.1. It's a dual Xenon machine: Linux annette.stortek.com 2.4.22-26mdkenterprise #1 SMP Wed Jan 7 07:10:39 MST 2004 ...
    Robert CreagerRobert Creager
    Oct 14, 2005 at 12:12 am
    Nov 5, 2005 at 3:02 am
  • Sample case: regression=# create table t1(f1 int, f2 int); CREATE TABLE regression=# set add_missing_from = true; SET regression=# create view v1 as select t1.*; NOTICE: adding missing FROM-clause ...
    Tom LaneTom Lane
    Oct 25, 2005 at 9:43 pm
    Oct 31, 2005 at 12:47 am
  • I've got a customer who was having a problem with a backend running away with memory. It would hit 46G before finally being running the box completely out of memory. It didn't appear to be related to ...
    Jim C. NasbyJim C. Nasby
    Oct 26, 2005 at 8:25 pm
    Oct 28, 2005 at 5:38 pm
  • Yes, but the crashes are somewhat sporadic and most importantly they don't appear to involve any data loss/corruption. I just don't want to make matters any worse. In any case, my client's gone home ...
    Jim NasbyJim Nasby
    Oct 28, 2005 at 10:10 pm
    Jun 14, 2006 at 10:33 pm
  • I find that libpq.so exports the following symbols that have neither PQ, pq, pg, nor lo_ as a prefix: EncryptMD5 SockAddr_cidr_mask fe_getauthname fe_getauthsvc fe_sendauth fe_setauthsvc ...
    Tom LaneTom Lane
    Oct 16, 2005 at 10:21 pm
    Jun 14, 2006 at 10:32 pm
  • do we maintain anything anywhere for this? mainly, some way of determining # of 'sorts to disk' vs 'sort in memory', to determine whether or not sort_mem is set to a good value? I don't think there ...
    Marc G. FournierMarc G. Fournier
    Oct 18, 2005 at 8:08 pm
    Oct 26, 2005 at 10:00 pm
  • Good people, Just had a thought! Might it be worth while protecting the postmaster from an OOM Kill on Linux by setting /proc/{pid}/oom_adj to -17 ? (Described vaguely in mm/oom_kill.c) Kind Regards, ...
    John HansenJohn Hansen
    Oct 3, 2005 at 1:03 pm
    Oct 25, 2005 at 1:24 pm
  • Something changed very recently in the output from pg_config --pgxs command on Win32. It now outputs double backslash everywhere instead of forward slashes. The mingw GNU Make is not too happy about ...
    Thomas HallgrenThomas Hallgren
    Oct 13, 2005 at 4:18 pm
    Oct 15, 2005 at 7:56 pm
  • I am not sure if this idea was mentioned before. The basic prefix btree idea is quite straightforward, i.e., try to compress the key items within a data page by sharing the common prefix. Thus the ...
    Qingqing ZhouQingqing Zhou
    Oct 5, 2005 at 4:00 am
    Oct 7, 2005 at 2:04 pm
  • Because it is a test, I am not sure there is any way to know what the possible impact of a bug is. If we knew there were bug in the patch, it would have been fixed already. That is probably overkill. ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Oct 31, 2005 at 6:01 pm
    Nov 4, 2005 at 2:15 am
  • Upped the stack to 8Mb. Now it dies in Plcheck. Logs/bt.out in: http://www.lerctr.org/~ler/alphadeath2.tar.gz $ tar tzvf alphadeath2.tar.gz drwxr-xr-x 2 ler users 0 Oct 18 16:01 lastrun-logs ...
    Larry RosenmanLarry Rosenman
    Oct 18, 2005 at 9:05 pm
    Oct 19, 2005 at 2:06 pm
  • This may or may not be related to previous threads regarding vacuum problems. Following the last thread, we built the development snapshot of Oct 6 with --enable-integer-datetimes and --enable-debug. ...
    Kevin GrittnerKevin Grittner
    Oct 11, 2005 at 7:09 pm
    Oct 12, 2005 at 9:00 pm
  • Applications that frequently use LISTEN/NOTIFY can suffer from performance problems because of the MVCC bloat created by frequent insertions into pg_listener. A solution to this has been suggested in ...
    Neil ConwayNeil Conway
    Oct 6, 2005 at 4:37 am
    Oct 10, 2005 at 1:21 am
  • 1. Move the test for strange memory alloc sizes to the palloc macros so that on error, it points at the palloc call rather than mcxt.c. Sure, it only attacks a small set of problems, but still. 2. ...
    Martijn van OosterhoutMartijn van Oosterhout
    Oct 27, 2005 at 11:17 am
    Dec 6, 2005 at 8:47 pm
  • Core's current plan is to bundle 8.1beta3 tomorrow evening (Tuesday PM, North American east coast time) for announcement Wednesday. Any last minute bug fixes out there? regards, tom lane
    Tom LaneTom Lane
    Oct 10, 2005 at 10:04 pm
    Oct 12, 2005 at 1:39 am
  • Yeah, MMCacheLock is for long-dead code, so you can probably get away with using it in the back versions. Hmm ... the comment for LWLockAssign is not meant to imply that the caller could do that; in ...
    Tom LaneTom Lane
    Oct 7, 2005 at 8:21 pm
    Oct 10, 2005 at 12:00 am
  • From time to time the suggestion crops up of allowing a DROP IF EXISTS ... syntax. This seems not unreasonable, and I just spent a few minutes looking at what might be involved. Especially in the ...
    Andrew DunstanAndrew Dunstan
    Oct 15, 2005 at 12:29 am
    Oct 15, 2005 at 9:15 pm
  • I am working on the development of a military application which uses PostgreSQL trigger functions. I cannot (unfortunately) tell you specify use, being as it is classified. What I need the ability to ...
    Lane Van IngenLane Van Ingen
    Oct 10, 2005 at 7:40 pm
    Oct 12, 2005 at 2:10 pm
  • I've been doing some test imports of UNICODE databases into Postgres 8.1beta3. The only problem I've seen is that some data from 8.0 databases will not import. I've generated dumps using pg_dump from ...
    Paul LindnerPaul Lindner
    Oct 22, 2005 at 3:43 pm
    Nov 1, 2005 at 12:16 pm
  • 8.0.3.
    Jim NasbyJim Nasby
    Oct 28, 2005 at 5:40 pm
    Oct 28, 2005 at 10:06 pm
  • not sure exactly when this was changed, but expanded display of \df+ output is broken in beta4. compare: [postgres@localhost data]$ /usr/local/pgsql-8.1.x/bin/psql -p 5481 template1 Welcome to psql ...
    Robert TreatRobert Treat
    Oct 25, 2005 at 6:27 pm
    Oct 26, 2005 at 2:48 pm
  • Hi, I installed 8.04 via RPM on Centos 4.2 which is the same as RedHat 4.2 and while booting the init script reports that the daemon [FAILED], but after I logon it shows the postmaster running and I ...
    Tony CadutoTony Caduto
    Oct 18, 2005 at 9:16 pm
    Oct 21, 2005 at 8:01 am
  • As I understand it vacuum operates outside of the regular transaction and if you stop it (SIGTERM, or pg_cancel_backend()) some of the work it accomplished will be kept when it rolls back. For large ...
    Rod TaylorRod Taylor
    Oct 4, 2005 at 4:27 am
    Oct 6, 2005 at 2:04 am
  • The long history of spinlock issues has recently been attacked significantly by Tom, but I wanted to get a status on this issue before we release 8.1 My understanding of the problems of spinlocking ...
    Simon RiggsSimon Riggs
    Oct 11, 2005 at 12:17 pm
    Oct 11, 2005 at 7:59 pm
  • The following patch implements a fairly light set of timing statements aimed at understanding external sort performance. There is no attempt to alter the algorithms. Each major point in the ...
    Simon RiggsSimon Riggs
    Oct 2, 2005 at 6:43 pm
    Oct 4, 2005 at 3:51 am
  • I've noticed that row count estimates for expression indexes appear to rely on default_statistics_target rather than on a column's actual statistics target. That is, if I use ALTER TABLE SET ...
    Michael FuhrMichael Fuhr
    Oct 1, 2005 at 2:15 am
    Oct 1, 2005 at 5:16 pm
  • I was wonderring, because I create a lot of server side utility functions, whether adding an option to pg_dump to just dump functions has been considered. I did a quick perusal of the code, and noted ...
    Sean UttSean Utt
    Oct 8, 2005 at 2:09 am
    Oct 30, 2005 at 11:24 pm
  • Hi. To allow indexes to be inherited so unique, foreign keys and such works properly with inheritance has been on the todo for quite some time. I thought that most probably it is a very non trivial ...
    Fredrik OlssonFredrik Olsson
    Oct 2, 2005 at 9:37 pm
    Oct 11, 2005 at 12:53 pm
  • Tomorrow evening, I'm going to wrap up RC1, to announce it on Monday ... if anyone is sitting on *anything*, please say something before about midnight GMT ... ---- Marc G. Fournier Hub.Org ...
    Marc G. FournierMarc G. Fournier
    Oct 29, 2005 at 3:47 am
    Nov 1, 2005 at 7:34 am
  • As in subject. What it does, it gets through picksplit, I return good values, valid unions, etc. Than (I guess) postgres is trying to insert another value in tree, hence penalty is called. Why one of ...
    Grzegorz Piotr JaskiewiczGrzegorz Piotr Jaskiewicz
    Oct 27, 2005 at 9:16 pm
    Oct 28, 2005 at 10:19 am
  • Does any of this need to be backpatched? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tom Lane wrote: -- Bruce Momjian | http://candle.pha.pa.us pgman@candle.pha.pa.us ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Oct 13, 2005 at 2:29 am
    Oct 22, 2005 at 9:50 am
  • I am playing with our allowed timezone settings and saw a few strange things. It understands "EST5EDT", but how does it understand "XYT5ABT"? test= set timezone = 'XYT5ABT'; SET test= SELECT ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Oct 13, 2005 at 4:57 pm
    Oct 14, 2005 at 11:40 am
  • Folks, Are foreign keys on temp tables not allowed just because nobody requested them, or because they're hard to do? -- --Josh Josh Berkus Aglio Database Solutions San Francisco
    Josh BerkusJosh Berkus
    Oct 29, 2005 at 12:30 am
    Oct 31, 2005 at 5:56 pm
  • People, After writing dblink-ldap (http://pgfoundry.org/projects/dblink-ldap), several people have contacted me asking if this will give LDAP authentication to PostgreSQL, because they need this. And ...
    Magnus HaganderMagnus Hagander
    Oct 6, 2005 at 7:56 pm
    Oct 31, 2005 at 1:50 pm
  • Just testing pl/pgsql functions in 8.1beta4, I see failures for syntax that works in 8.0.3. The simplest test case for this is: create table ptest(foo int, bar varchar(10)); create or replace ...
    Philip YarraPhilip Yarra
    Oct 28, 2005 at 2:32 am
    Oct 28, 2005 at 6:30 pm
  • Folks, Before I dive into this, is there some reason why the pg_catalog.* tables/views should not have comments that match the descriptions in the docs? I can see where this could cause some ...
    David FetterDavid Fetter
    Oct 12, 2005 at 7:54 pm
    Oct 16, 2005 at 5:45 am
  • Hi, I did see the message about the change of the function signatures to include IMMUTABLE and thought "Yes, that makes sense" - however, it has now occurred to me that: 1. xpath_table uses a SELECT ...
    John GrayJohn Gray
    Oct 10, 2005 at 1:08 pm
    Oct 13, 2005 at 4:10 pm
  • Based upon profiling of the initial stage of external sorting, it seems that this stage is overall CPU bound, with hotspots in comparetup_* accounting for around 50% of CPU time; lets just call that ...
    Simon RiggsSimon Riggs
    Oct 3, 2005 at 8:35 pm
    Oct 4, 2005 at 11:22 am
  • If you don't see your favorite platform already listed as tested for 8.1 at http://developer.postgresql.org/docs/postgres/supported-platforms.html then please give it a try and send in your results. ...
    Tom LaneTom Lane
    Oct 23, 2005 at 3:09 pm
    Nov 2, 2005 at 6:46 am
  • Hmm. pqStrerror is defined in libpgport (which is linked into the backend) as well as libpq. ISTM that libpq should not be linked with -Wl,-bI:../../../src/backend/postgres.imp, since it's not ...
    Tom LaneTom Lane
    Oct 27, 2005 at 7:46 pm
    Oct 30, 2005 at 2:27 am
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