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  • Could someone try 1000 int4 inserts using postgres and some commercial database (on the same machine) ? Vadim ------------------------------
    Vadim B. MikheevVadim B. Mikheev
    Nov 3, 1997 at 1:48 pm
    Nov 10, 1997 at 4:17 am
  • I have thought about this. I would like to have libpq do unix-domain sockets whenever the hostname is not specified. That way, all the things that use libpq would not have to be changed, and if they ...
    Goran ThyniGoran Thyni
    Nov 1, 1997 at 7:53 am
    Nov 30, 1997 at 9:46 pm
  • I have some patches which allow creation of databases with alternate locations. The SQL syntax is CREATE DATABASE dbname WITH LOCATION = 'dbpath'; If location is not specified, then the usual default ...
    Thomas G. LockhartThomas G. Lockhart
    Nov 2, 1997 at 7:37 pm
    Nov 4, 1997 at 10:12 am
  • We've discussed this topic before, and I would like to hear opinions on whether I should go ahead and merge datetime/timespan with timestamp/interval for v6.3 or let it go one more release. Remember ...
    Thomas G. LockhartThomas G. Lockhart
    Nov 24, 1997 at 3:07 pm
    Nov 27, 1997 at 3:14 am
  • Hi All, I've just attempted to build postgreSQL from the latest CVS tree and found 2 problems so far. 1) backend/libpq/pqcomm.c uses a variable "sun" which is defined as 1 on the sparc_solaris ...
    Keith ParksKeith Parks
    Nov 8, 1997 at 3:21 pm
    Nov 10, 1997 at 8:08 pm
  • vac= select sum(int4(x)) from a; FATAL: unrecognized data from the backend. It probably dumped core. FATAL: unrecognized data from the backend. It probably dumped core. EOF= ...
    Vadim B. MikheevVadim B. Mikheev
    Nov 19, 1997 at 4:05 am
    Nov 20, 1997 at 10:22 am
  • I would like to change the names of the system indexes. They are rather cryptic, and probably were named when there was a 16-character limit on names, like pg_procidind or pg_procnameind. I would ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 16, 1997 at 2:33 pm
    Nov 20, 1997 at 8:49 am
  • Suggestion 1: Get a seperate e-mail EXCLUSIVELY reserved for PostgreSQL mailing list!! Check out these sites - http://www.yahoo.com http://www.lycos.com http://www.hotmail.com You can create a ...
    Al devAl dev
    Nov 24, 1997 at 5:28 pm
    Nov 25, 1997 at 12:58 pm
  • I hadn't even gotten to this point yet, but it is a good thing to keep in mind. In these cases, as in correlated subqueries in the where clause, we will create a temporary table, and add the proper ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 2, 1997 at 6:48 pm
    Nov 24, 1997 at 5:33 am
  • Yeah, I had to start a new job in 1997 that didn't leave me with enough time to keep up with all the stuff going on in development, and had substantially less Internet access, so now I am just a ...
    Bryan HendersonBryan Henderson
    Nov 12, 1997 at 8:21 pm
    Nov 19, 1997 at 3:08 am
  • Thanks! Lots of issues are raised... Learning from the experience of Emacs-20, we should be careful when persuing this task. We can easily degrade performance and a whole new set of bug/problems. I ...
    Goran ThyniGoran Thyni
    Nov 13, 1997 at 10:27 am
    Nov 18, 1997 at 2:07 am
  • I have added new commands to psql to give a list of types, operators, and aggregates. Once descriptions are added to the catalog include files, this will allow our users to understand these items ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 14, 1997 at 10:22 pm
    Nov 17, 1997 at 1:47 pm
  • This is not an objection to your patches. I just want to explain why I avoided \200-\237. \200-\237 are control characters (called "C1" in the ISO standard), not graphical characters. So the parser ...
    Nov 12, 1997 at 5:06 am
    Nov 13, 1997 at 8:03 am
  • Currently, if a query string arrives that has multiple sql statements in it, the parser breaks it down into separate queries, analyzes each one, then executes them in order. (psql automatically ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 28, 1997 at 9:18 pm
    Nov 30, 1997 at 7:32 am
  • I made a small bug-fix in the PQsetdbLogin function as defined in my version of the libpq-fe code. Here is the new updated copy of the context diffs. This bug would not show up until you expressly ...
    Todd brandysTodd brandys
    Nov 24, 1997 at 9:06 pm
    Nov 27, 1997 at 5:22 pm
  • As you say this storage is slow, and any reduction in disk usage will cause less disk IO, therefore giving better performance. Half space -- half response time on seq scan. Also half space on disk - ...
    Zeugswetter Andreas DBTZeugswetter Andreas DBT
    Nov 26, 1997 at 10:42 am
    Nov 26, 1997 at 7:12 pm
  • Hi hackers, it seems to me that the choice of 4-space hard tabs for the indentation of postgres has been a bad move for a number of reasons: 1) most editors come with a default hard-tab width of 8 ...
    Massimo Dal ZottoMassimo Dal Zotto
    Nov 4, 1997 at 9:38 pm
    Nov 25, 1997 at 11:53 pm
  • Hi, I would like to import a table in dbf format in a postgres database. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance. - ---------------------------------------------- Fabrizio Fachin Nouvelle s.r.l. ...
    Nov 6, 1997 at 6:38 pm
    Nov 7, 1997 at 3:31 pm
  • I have added the following item: * allow varchar() to only store used bytes, not maximum - -- Bruce Momjian maillist@candle.pha.pa.us ------------------------------
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 3, 1997 at 7:45 pm
    Nov 4, 1997 at 9:20 am
  • I have completed the psql \d work. I removed the pg_operator descriptions, and moved them to pg_proc, and added some. pg_operator call a pg_proc function, so I just look up the operator description ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 24, 1997 at 2:06 pm
    Nov 30, 1997 at 9:29 pm
  • I am going to overhaul all the /parser files, and I may give subselects a try while I am in there. This is where it going to have to be done. Two things I think I need are: temp tables that go away ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 20, 1997 at 4:57 am
    Nov 20, 1997 at 4:03 pm
  • Never use sync(). Use fsync(). Other processes should take care of their own syncing. If you use sync(), and you have a lot of disks, the sync can take half a minute if you are unlucky. /* m */ ...
    Mattias KregertMattias Kregert
    Nov 6, 1997 at 11:46 am
    Nov 7, 1997 at 4:40 am
  • No, because that would: 1. require one more index to be updated when inserting rows. 2. require one index scan for each update. 3. be unsafe (oid's are not guaranteed to be unique) 1+2+3 == ...
    Mattias KregertMattias Kregert
    Nov 4, 1997 at 4:32 pm
    Nov 5, 1997 at 5:47 pm
  • I've just read Bruce's ideas concerning subselects. I've noticed that if there is a temporary table created it may loose some performance, becouse of updating system catalogs and syncing files. It ...
    Michał MosiewiczMichał Mosiewicz
    Nov 3, 1997 at 5:35 pm
    Nov 4, 1997 at 6:35 pm
  • Have you thought that I meant multiuser environment? This method is good only if you assure that you read curval immediately after insert and you wrap it with the transaction block. However, it is ...
    Michał MosiewiczMichał Mosiewicz
    Nov 1, 1997 at 12:55 pm
    Nov 3, 1997 at 6:44 pm
  • Removed... Also, ItemPointerData t_chain (6 bytes) removed from HeapTupleHeader. CommandId is uint32 now (up to the 2^32 - 1 commands per transaction). DOUBLEALIGN(Sizeof(HeapTupleHeader)) is 40 ...
    Vadim B. MikheevVadim B. Mikheev
    Nov 2, 1997 at 4:31 pm
    Nov 3, 1997 at 5:13 am
  • Hi hackers, I have big troubles with shared cache invalidation. I get the following messages 4-6 times a day, and then all backends die with shared memory corruption: 971126.10:15:39.105 [9072] ...
    Massimo Dal ZottoMassimo Dal Zotto
    Nov 26, 1997 at 10:29 pm
    Nov 28, 1997 at 5:15 pm
  • Hi, There seems to be a BUG in heap.c line 735: "int4in", /* send procedure */ "int4out", /* receive procedure */ I think this should really be the other way around: "int4out", /* send procedure */ ...
    Zeugswetter Andreas DBTZeugswetter Andreas DBT
    Nov 25, 1997 at 7:17 pm
    Nov 26, 1997 at 4:49 am
  • Greetings Postgres Hackers, My name is Todd Brandys. Attached to this email you will find modifications I have made to PostgreSQL. To begin at the beginning, these mods implement the following three ...
    Todd brandysTodd brandys
    Nov 22, 1997 at 10:23 pm
    Nov 23, 1997 at 9:40 pm
  • While trying to get large objects working in the jdbc driver, I came across this little oddity. When the backend recieves a fastpath call, it uses the routines in backend/libpq/pqcomprim.c For some ...
    Peter T MountPeter T Mount
    Nov 22, 1997 at 9:59 pm
    Nov 23, 1997 at 7:43 pm
  • SYS_DATE and SYS_TIME are defined in the parser directory, and were put there some time ago, 4/26/96. First, they don't belong there, and second, I think the are superceeded by more standard ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 20, 1997 at 5:25 am
    Nov 20, 1997 at 2:54 pm
  • Here is my current idea for doing bufferd logging, and exists between the normal fsync on every transaction and no-fsync options. I believe it will be very popular, because it mimicks the Unix file ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 17, 1997 at 5:42 am
    Nov 17, 1997 at 1:46 pm
  • unsubscribe ------------------------------
    Sergey LukichevSergey Lukichev
    Nov 6, 1997 at 1:50 am
    Nov 13, 1997 at 10:39 am
  • Hi Hackers and Porters :-), just read this in a newsgroup: - --- snip David Hughes' mini SQL (mSQL) Relational Database has been ported to the Windows NT/95 using the free Cygnus GNU toolkit. The ...
    Nov 10, 1997 at 7:34 am
    Nov 11, 1997 at 6:56 am
  • Ok, I'm now getting back to looking at implementing BLOBS in the JDBC interface. A little while ago, there was talk (during the discussion about removing OID's from user tables) about creating a new ...
    Peter T MountPeter T Mount
    Nov 7, 1997 at 3:06 pm
    Nov 11, 1997 at 6:53 am
  • I am getting quiet bored by this discussion, if someone has a strong opinion about how this should be done go ahead and make a test implementation then we have something to discuss. In the mean time, ...
    Goran ThyniGoran Thyni
    Nov 6, 1997 at 8:34 pm
    Nov 7, 1997 at 7:11 am
  • The problem is: In the file pg_passwd.c functions 'index' and 'gettimeofday' are used. But where are they defined? Compiling PostgreSQL v6.2 the follow errors occur Can anybody help me? ...
    Alexandr StulovAlexandr Stulov
    Nov 2, 1997 at 2:34 pm
    Nov 2, 1997 at 4:30 pm
  • Oh! I misunderstood. That's what I was going to try (for PRIMARY and UNIQUE anyway), by expanding the parser output into two commands in the parse tree. Could I try that, or do you want to do it?? - ...
    Thomas G. LockhartThomas G. Lockhart
    Nov 30, 1997 at 2:47 pm
    Nov 30, 1997 at 4:11 pm
  • I am done reorganizing and splitting the parser files. I have not made any change to them, except to change some of the function names. type() and typetypetype() functions are renamed. I also changed ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 26, 1997 at 2:35 am
    Nov 26, 1997 at 2:48 am
  • subscribe ------------------------------
    Todd brandysTodd brandys
    Nov 22, 1997 at 10:19 pm
    Nov 25, 1997 at 4:45 pm
  • Out of curiousity, who (the person or persons) actually maintains the official copy of the PostgreSQL code? In other words, who applies the patches and enhancements that people send in? Thank you. ...
    Todd brandysTodd brandys
    Nov 24, 1997 at 4:48 pm
    Nov 24, 1997 at 8:08 pm
  • Hello y'all, I've been out of touch and have a very simple question. I have installed 6.2beta6 on a linux box (intel). Older versions allowed: insert into foo (one) values ('bar\'s'); That is, the ...
    Nov 24, 1997 at 2:57 am
    Nov 24, 1997 at 5:04 am
  • I was wondering... If time travel is removed... Is this tid chaining also beeing removed? (It seems that it's still in the source.) If I update some record, say... 100 times, does postgres scan 100 ...
    Michał MosiewiczMichał Mosiewicz
    Nov 23, 1997 at 12:41 am
    Nov 23, 1997 at 8:03 pm
  • I'm not sure if this counts as a bug question, a feature question, or a "what the heck am I doing wrong" question, so please bear with me. Each night, we make an image of our remote office's database ...
    Derek BallingDerek Balling
    Nov 22, 1997 at 11:55 pm
    Nov 23, 1997 at 1:54 pm
  • Yes, it looks like this is needed. This is what Informix does: select * from systables where tabid not in (select tabid from sysindexes) Estimated Cost: 6 Estimated # of Rows Returned: 15 1) ...
    Zeugswetter Andreas DBTZeugswetter Andreas DBT
    Nov 20, 1997 at 10:55 am
    Nov 20, 1997 at 3:09 pm
  • I did not mean to reduce the name length for user tables. If you want 64, all you need to do is edit NAMEDATALEN and NAMEDATAOIDLEN. I only suggested not using longer names for system tables and ...
    Zeugswetter Andreas DBTZeugswetter Andreas DBT
    Nov 19, 1997 at 4:05 pm
    Nov 19, 1997 at 5:40 pm
  • Vadim Where can I get the patch for the sum(int4()) problem? Michael * Michael J. Rogan, Network Administrator, 905-624-3020 * * Mark IV Industries, F-P Electronics & I.V.H.S. Divisions * * ...
    Michael J. RoganMichael J. Rogan
    Nov 19, 1997 at 9:29 am
    Nov 19, 1997 at 9:37 am
  • I have loaded pg_type.h and pg_operator.h with descriptions taken from pgbuiltin.1. There are a few missing that I don't know what they do. Any ideas on doing pg_proc.h? - -- Bruce Momjian ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Nov 18, 1997 at 5:53 am
    Nov 18, 1997 at 8:19 am
  • Hello, I thought that it would be nice if there was a HTMLed source of PostgreSQL. I think that there is a lot of enthusiastic people who would help with development but simply cannot get a view of ...
    Michał MosiewiczMichał Mosiewicz
    Nov 17, 1997 at 11:44 pm
    Nov 18, 1997 at 1:12 am
  • I've been seeing the following symptoms recently when I forget to create a default database after initdb: golem$ psql Broken pipe golem$ psql template1 Welcome to the POSTGRESQL interactive sql ...
    Thomas G. LockhartThomas G. Lockhart
    Nov 15, 1997 at 6:56 pm
    Nov 16, 1997 at 2:05 pm
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