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  • Hello all, Some time back I posted a query to build a site with 150GB of database. In last couple of weeks, lots of things were tested at my place and there are some results and again some concerns. ...
    Shridhar DaithankarShridhar Daithankar
    Sep 26, 2002 at 8:35 am
    Oct 6, 2002 at 3:52 pm
  • There is pgmonitor: http://gborg.postgresql.org/project/pgmonitor --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aaron Held wrote: -- Bruce Momjian | ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Sep 20, 2002 at 4:19 pm
    Sep 30, 2002 at 9:26 pm
  • Hi, everybody. I am running into huge performance problems, due to JDBC not being able to cache query plans :-( My java program runs the (set of about 5) identical statements with different ...
    Dmitry TkachDmitry Tkach
    Sep 25, 2002 at 3:24 pm
    Oct 16, 2002 at 6:06 am
  • I find myself writing a lot of queries with this pattern: select distinct key1 from A where id not it (select distinct key1 from A where x='false'); The reason being that key1 is not a primary key ...
    Jean-Christian ImbeaultJean-Christian Imbeault
    Sep 19, 2002 at 2:46 am
    Sep 21, 2002 at 11:54 pm
  • Let's move this to general. But I disagree. History says that nobody can compete with microsoft on microsoft platform. Postgres will not be competing with either SQL Server or access. It would remain ...
    Shridhar DaithankarShridhar Daithankar
    Sep 17, 2002 at 8:30 am
    Sep 19, 2002 at 6:19 pm
  • Hello guys, I have still problems with dumping my database.... I have postgres 7.2.1 running on a solaris 8 server. When I try to do a pg_dump of my database, I get the following message: pg_dump: ...
    Sep 17, 2002 at 8:11 am
    Sep 19, 2002 at 5:57 am
  • Hello, I have apparently solved a certain performance problem and would like to consult with other PostgreSQL users to figure out if I am doing things the right way. I have two tables: "section" and ...
    Jan PloskiJan Ploski
    Sep 8, 2002 at 9:58 pm
    Sep 9, 2002 at 11:34 pm
  • Hi hackers. There is ineresting behavior of some select query mentioned in $subj. In working db this query takes: real 3m10.219s user 0m0.074s sys 0m0.074s it's interesting that vacuum or analyze or ...
    Andriy TkachukAndriy Tkachuk
    Sep 27, 2002 at 7:58 am
    Sep 28, 2002 at 1:58 pm
  • I don't know whether this should be in novice or general.. but whenever I run the configure script it dies with the following error: checking types of arguments for accept()... configure: error: ...
    Williams, Travis L, NPONSWilliams, Travis L, NPONS
    Sep 13, 2002 at 5:47 pm
    Sep 16, 2002 at 5:24 pm
  • I ran a vacuum analyze on a database. Now the query I ran vacuum analyze for takes twice as long, and all the other queries I tested take longer, too. Please help. Thank you all.
    Mihai GheorghiuMihai Gheorghiu
    Sep 5, 2002 at 8:30 pm
    Sep 9, 2002 at 11:35 pm
  • Hi! I dump all of my databases daily using pgdumpall (./pg_dumpall /var/pgbackup/alldb1.sql). Now if I try to restore the whole lot via "psql -d template1 -f alldb1.sql", I get loads and loads of ...
    Markus WollnyMarkus Wollny
    Sep 5, 2002 at 1:36 pm
    Sep 6, 2002 at 12:10 pm
  • The subject says it all: DEBUG: StartTransactionCommand DEBUG: ProcessQuery ERROR: Relation 0 does not exist LOG: statement: INSERT INTO trans (meter_id,stats_id,flowindex,firsttime,firstt... The ...
    Patrick WelchePatrick Welche
    Sep 25, 2002 at 8:30 pm
    Sep 26, 2002 at 3:39 pm
  • Howdy: Running PostgreSQL 7.2.1 on RedHat Linux 7.2 kernel 2.4.7. Can someone send an example of how they have the logrotate / rotatelog script working with PostgreSQL? I'm looking at a few things ...
    Johnson, ShaunnJohnson, Shaunn
    Sep 23, 2002 at 2:51 pm
    Sep 26, 2002 at 2:43 pm
  • Howdy: Running PostgreSQL 7.2.1 on RedHat Linux 7.2 kernel 2.4.7. I have some processes that are just hanging around and I'm trying to kill them. I know I'm not supposed to use 'kill -9 pid', but ...
    Johnson, ShaunnJohnson, Shaunn
    Sep 19, 2002 at 2:21 pm
    Sep 19, 2002 at 8:41 pm
  • I downloaded the 7.3b1 as soon as Marc said that he packaged it (I don't know whether that is something that's encouraged or not; a developer might let me know about that). The configure script had a ...
    Jeff DavisJeff Davis
    Sep 5, 2002 at 7:17 am
    Sep 6, 2002 at 2:32 pm
  • I have a situation where a table contains table names. I need to know if I can make a Postgresql query that will have a subquery which supplies the table name I want to deal with. Can this be done? ...
    Scott ChapmanScott Chapman
    Sep 26, 2002 at 11:05 pm
    Sep 27, 2002 at 5:56 am
  • Hi All, Is their any way to find out the uptime of the postmaster via a SQL function? Best Regards, Tim Knowles
    Tim KnowlesTim Knowles
    Sep 24, 2002 at 12:23 pm
    Sep 25, 2002 at 1:34 pm
  • I moved this over to general, where it's more on topic... Often times the real limiter for database performance is IO bandwidth and subsystem, not the CPUs. After that memory access speed and ...
    Sep 13, 2002 at 10:04 pm
    Sep 17, 2002 at 1:56 pm
  • Hello, Does anyone know why trying to create this column: "role INTEGER[] REFERENCES role (roleid)" returns this error: ERROR: Unable to identify an operator '=' for types 'integer[]' and 'integer' ...
    Joel RodriguesJoel Rodrigues
    Sep 5, 2002 at 4:46 pm
    Sep 8, 2002 at 7:14 am
  • The following insert: insert into t values('01-10-29') gives the following result in the DB: select * from t d ------------ 2029-01-10 Why is the first part (01) being parsed as the month? The ...
    Jean-Christian ImbeaultJean-Christian Imbeault
    Sep 6, 2002 at 7:30 am
    Sep 7, 2002 at 7:41 am
  • Hi, Is it possible to have parameterized views? Guess I'm thinking of something like a posiitonal parameter in a view. If it is possible I'd sure appreciate an example. Thanks in advance, Linn
    Linn KublerLinn Kubler
    Sep 3, 2002 at 3:26 am
    Sep 4, 2002 at 4:49 pm
  • Hi all, Al last I recieved a new disk and was able to VACUUM ANALYZE. The repaired database from the initial 500MB became 185 MB. I'm very happy that the combined disk full + unexpected server ...
    Sep 2, 2002 at 8:49 am
    Sep 4, 2002 at 4:05 am
  • I'm trying to write an Access clone in java that will use PostGres as a backend. Problem is, I need to be able to list all the fields (and data types) in a table. I know about "\d" but that only ...
    Andrew BulmerAndrew Bulmer
    Sep 9, 2002 at 9:30 pm
    Sep 12, 2002 at 7:22 pm
  • Hi all, I'm trying the following: BEGIN; select current_timestamp into mytable; . some queries . insert current timestamp into mytable; COMMIT; When I call this with the \i <filename command, all is ...
    Guido StaubGuido Staub
    Sep 30, 2002 at 9:44 am
    Oct 1, 2002 at 3:13 pm
  • Whups...I just upgraded my linux system from Redhat 7.1 to 7.3. As a part of that upgrade my postgres installation was also upgraded from 7.0 to 7.2.1. Since 7.2.1 databases are not compatible with ...
    Glen BakerGlen Baker
    Sep 27, 2002 at 1:29 pm
    Oct 1, 2002 at 7:26 am
  • Howdy: Silly question time - Is there a way to get the date and change it into a binary number? To explain: One of my colleague suggested that we could start doing our backups / dump of the database ...
    Johnson, ShaunnJohnson, Shaunn
    Sep 26, 2002 at 2:40 pm
    Sep 27, 2002 at 4:41 am
  • Hi, is there a way to speed up a delete operation that currently uses a "where XX in" clause? The following query takes quite long: delete from lr_object_usage where lr_object_usage_id in ( select ...
    Peter AlbererPeter Alberer
    Sep 23, 2002 at 5:42 pm
    Sep 24, 2002 at 2:49 pm
  • Hi everybody! I doing a research about Apache Web Server + PHP + PostgreSQL. If it is reliable or not. The pros and set backs about it. From you what do you have to tell me about it? ...
    Elielson FontaneziElielson Fontanezi
    Sep 19, 2002 at 4:52 pm
    Sep 20, 2002 at 7:51 pm
  • So I've finished reading Jeffery Friedl's _Mastering Regular Expressions_ and while I don't need regex in PostgreSQL I know I'll do it for something - eventually. The book makes a distinction between ...
    Josh JoreJosh Jore
    Sep 10, 2002 at 6:43 am
    Sep 11, 2002 at 3:41 am
  • 9


    Does anyone know where I can download php? Php.net does not have linux version for download. They referred me to the linux distribution. The Red Hat site (if they have it) has php hidden pretty well. ...
    Warren MassengillWarren Massengill
    Sep 2, 2002 at 1:58 pm
    Sep 3, 2002 at 7:13 am
  • Apologies in advance if there is a more appropriate list. We are currently developing a database to host some complicated, XMl layered data. We have chosen postgres because of its ability to store ...
    Mike SostericMike Sosteric
    Sep 30, 2002 at 12:13 am
    Oct 4, 2002 at 4:17 pm
  • Hi, We are having problems with an installation of Postgres 7.2.1 on Debian Linux 3.0 (woody). The scheduled maintenance script throws the following error: FATAL 2: open of ...
    Ben RobertsBen Roberts
    Sep 24, 2002 at 2:51 pm
    Sep 25, 2002 at 3:22 pm
  • Hi folks, I am converting a legacy (DBM file backend) app to SQL. The current storage scheme utlizes ordered list values on objects. To emulate this I'm just doing multiple INSERTs on a table. I need ...
    Justin HawkinsJustin Hawkins
    Sep 13, 2002 at 1:04 am
    Sep 25, 2002 at 6:48 am
  • I don't know if this is already done, but... I'm really annoyed by that little 'feature' of psql that decides whether to use pager or not. I personally use GNU 'less' with options -S -F as my pager, ...
    Antti HaapalaAntti Haapala
    Sep 11, 2002 at 2:15 pm
    Sep 18, 2002 at 9:04 pm
  • I suspect at this point I may need to recompile things? I'm not sure what the trouble is. Can I try the directions in http://www.postgresql.org/idocs/index.php?plperl-install.html in lieu of a ...
    Sep 17, 2002 at 5:46 pm
    Sep 18, 2002 at 8:27 am
  • There is a small problem with the long output format. This search Search for: rules Results per page: 10 Output format: long Match: All Search for: Whole word Search through: PgSQL - Hackers in: all ...
    Manfred KoizarManfred Koizar
    Sep 11, 2002 at 1:11 pm
    Sep 13, 2002 at 3:55 am
  • how to use the bytea type of postgres in c language. please give me a example. i did it like this ,but it didn't work ... FILE *file; char ch[3000]; file=fopen("pic.jpg","r"); memset(cr.0,sizeof(cr); ...
    Sep 2, 2002 at 2:58 am
    Sep 29, 2002 at 5:32 am
  • Hi , I'm trying to dump the data form one postgreySQL 7.1.3 server to another postgreySQL 7.1.3 server. I have used pg_dumpall command to dump the data, I'm able to dump the data in the second server ...
    Murali Mohan KasettyMurali Mohan Kasetty
    Sep 25, 2002 at 6:03 am
    Sep 25, 2002 at 5:23 pm
  • Here is a nice article comparing open-source and commercial databases: http://newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=02/09/14/1253246&tid=11 -- Bruce Momjian | http://candle.pha.pa.us [email protected] | ...
    Bruce MomjianBruce Momjian
    Sep 17, 2002 at 6:11 am
    Sep 23, 2002 at 2:37 pm
  • I'm receiving permissions denied message when I think I shouldn't. I have three users cib_unauth, cib_auth, and cib_admin. I have two groups cib_all and cib_trusted. The first group contains all the ...
    Eric D NielsenEric D Nielsen
    Sep 18, 2002 at 5:09 pm
    Sep 23, 2002 at 3:12 am
  • Hello, Anyone knows how to copy a table to another database? Cheers! Wim.
    Sep 17, 2002 at 9:32 am
    Sep 17, 2002 at 3:29 pm
  • I have 1 FreeBSD machine and 1 Linux, Red Hat, machine. I will need to periodically do a pg_dumpall from the Linux machine to the FreeBSD machine. This has been a problem because on Linux the ...
    Francisco J ReyesFrancisco J Reyes
    Sep 11, 2002 at 7:32 pm
    Sep 16, 2002 at 8:51 pm
  • Hi Folks - I'm working on a global weather database for a client and have hit an issue which I'm sure has been solved before. Unfortunately, the site search doesn't pull up anything. Essentially, ...
    Tim PerdueTim Perdue
    Sep 12, 2002 at 5:46 pm
    Sep 13, 2002 at 3:34 pm
  • Howdy: Running RedHat Linux 2.4.7-10 and PostgreSQL 7.2.1 on an Intel box. Has anyone configured their machines to do load sharing (and to a greater extent, clustering) for PostgreSQL? I have a box ...
    Johnson, ShaunnJohnson, Shaunn
    Sep 9, 2002 at 4:17 pm
    Sep 10, 2002 at 3:07 am
  • Hello, I am try 'autocommit' mode off in postgresql.conf This is fine, but if I don't call commit and exit from plsql, PostgreSQL do rollback.Can I change this behavior. regards Haris Peco
    Sep 6, 2002 at 1:49 pm
    Sep 10, 2002 at 2:03 am
  • I have some sql to define some functions for doing conversions between cube and latitude and longitude (as float8) and for calculating great circle distances between cubes (using a spherical model of ...
    Bruno Wolff IIIBruno Wolff III
    Sep 6, 2002 at 7:01 am
    Sep 9, 2002 at 7:12 pm
  • If I've got something like "...AND citation ~ 'x[0-9]*'..." in my query, is there any way to extract the portion that matched? In many languages if you surround with parentheses the part of the ...
    Sep 16, 2002 at 7:04 pm
    Jan 28, 2003 at 8:26 am
  • Morning all ... Just a quick announcement that 7.3Beta2 is now up and available for download. This beta requires a dump/reload from the pervious one, as several of the fixes touch on the system ...
    Marc G. FournierMarc G. Fournier
    Sep 28, 2002 at 5:09 pm
    Oct 1, 2002 at 5:15 am
  • This selection is more fast in ingres vs postgres Ingres 6.4 0.04 sec Postgres 7.2 0.42 sec select titolo,id,anno from ircalend where anno=2002 and id in(select distinct(idcalend) from ircalend_3) ...
    Sep 13, 2002 at 4:35 pm
    Sep 16, 2002 at 7:36 am
  • Hello! I develop a web-site with cgi-s written in perl, which access PostgreSQL database.. In my scripts I have a sequence of selects. Is it faster to wrap them all in transaction ? Thanks in ...
    Timur IrmatovTimur Irmatov
    Sep 11, 2002 at 11:08 am
    Sep 11, 2002 at 9:04 pm
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