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  • After 3 iterations, this routine increases in runtime from 3 seconds to 6 seconds. Eventually, memory runs out and a core dump occurs. I am using the same array reference for the return value for ...
    Kort, EricKort, Eric
    Mar 7, 2001 at 10:09 pm
    Mar 8, 2001 at 4:34 pm
  • Can someone help me understand how to capture the return value of av_store? Here is a short snippet illustrating what I am trying to do (in the context of a larger procedure wherein the use of ...
    Kort, EricKort, Eric
    Mar 2, 2001 at 9:44 pm
    Mar 5, 2001 at 2:42 pm
  • As my understanding of memory management continues to evolve, I wonder if one or more of you could comment on the following questions: Perlguts states in the context of av_fetch that "If lval is set ...
    Kort, EricKort, Eric
    Mar 19, 2001 at 8:23 pm
    Mar 20, 2001 at 2:31 pm
  • Hi all, I'm working on an interface to a C lib. There are two structs, Bar and Baz. BarPtr and BazPtr are pointers to them, respectively. Both are treated as O_OBJECT, because they have special ...
    Edwin PratomoEdwin Pratomo
    Mar 10, 2001 at 12:11 pm
    Mar 30, 2001 at 12:31 pm
  • I'm copying some XS code which does this: What is the SvUPGRADE really trying to do? I suspect that the croak() message is misleading, since SVt_PVness doesn't appear to have anything to do with ...
    Abhijit Menon-SenAbhijit Menon-Sen
    Mar 29, 2001 at 12:29 am
    Mar 30, 2001 at 12:19 pm
  • HvKEYS looks like the right thing to use, but it isn't documented in perlguts or perlapi. Is that just an omission?
    Mark-Jason DominusMark-Jason Dominus
    Mar 21, 2001 at 5:19 pm
    Mar 21, 2001 at 7:51 pm
  • Ok, so in the following example (which does not leak--see test output at end), I increment the reference count of the SV* I push onto the array. However, I do not increment the reference count ...
    Kort, EricKort, Eric
    Mar 8, 2001 at 5:13 pm
    Mar 8, 2001 at 6:22 pm
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