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  • Here is a message I posted last summer asking for an educational category. I'm reposting in response to the recent request for such posts. I'm new to PAUSE posting. When reading the script upload ...
    Phil CrowPhil Crow
    Feb 5, 2002 at 10:14 pm
    Feb 14, 2002 at 1:09 am
  • Hi All, I've finally uploaded the latest version of activitymail with the new VersionControl and VersionControl::CVS categories. However, I've noted that the older versions persist in the list. Does ...
    David WheelerDavid Wheeler
    Feb 5, 2002 at 2:48 am
    Feb 5, 2002 at 5:40 pm
  • A script that goes down a dierctory tree fixing stuff so that a web site that worked with IIS works with Apache. Where would you put it? -- John Lenton (john@grulic.org.ar) -- Random fortune: Toma ...
    John LentonJohn Lenton
    Feb 5, 2002 at 1:39 pm
    Feb 20, 2002 at 2:00 am
  • Hi! I'm searching a script that prints a syntax highlighted perl script in HTML. Speed is not important, but correctness (at least as good as emacs or texpad). Does anybody know where I can find such ...
    Andrea HolsteinAndrea Holstein
    Feb 12, 2002 at 9:23 pm
    Feb 14, 2002 at 2:31 pm
  • This is something I'm currently researching, and hoping to do in Perl. On of my customer's NT admins has a bunch of corrupted entries in the NT WINS database that need to be cleaned up. If anyone has ...
    Paul FarleyPaul Farley
    Feb 14, 2002 at 2:22 pm
    Feb 14, 2002 at 2:22 pm
  • What's the scoop with support for tarball support for scripts? Is this planned or under way? If not, would contribution of coding effort help? Neil
    Neil BowersNeil Bowers
    Feb 11, 2002 at 11:02 pm
    Feb 11, 2002 at 11:02 pm
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