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  • A "use Mac::Events" statement appears to interfere with the workings of a web browsers even if the 'Mac::Events' module is not actually used in the script. By all the laws of the Medes and Persians ...
    Alan FryAlan Fry
    Apr 1, 2001 at 8:58 pm
    Apr 7, 2001 at 7:52 pm
  • Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any examples of MacPerl programs that demonstrate interactive, GUI, applications. That is, put up some graphics and interact with user mouseclicks, etc. I wanted to ...
    Peter furmonaviciusPeter furmonavicius
    Apr 19, 2001 at 11:56 am
    Apr 20, 2001 at 6:24 am
  • Hi. I have been trying to figure out how to determine the application's "version" information from within MacPerl (i.e. the info shown in the "Version:" field when you do a 'get info' on an ...
    Peter furmonaviciusPeter furmonavicius
    Apr 10, 2001 at 1:32 pm
    Apr 10, 2001 at 5:26 pm
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