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  • Friends, I am trying to decode a sample subjectAltName extension provided to me in base64. Here it is: MDUwMwYDVR0RBCwwKoIMdGVzdDEuaHAuY29tggx0ZXN0Mi5ocC5jb22CDHRlc3QzLmhwLmNvbQ== Using the ...
    Paul BearerPaul Bearer
    Sep 30, 2003 at 7:01 pm
    Oct 1, 2003 at 6:34 pm
  • Hello list I am writing a CGI to manage a bunch of user accounts on a directory server. To modify an entry I simply did: $msg = $e- update($ldap) ; Unfortunately, I didn't issue a changetype() ...
    Marco MarongiuMarco Marongiu
    Sep 19, 2003 at 9:36 am
    Sep 23, 2003 at 10:02 am
  • Hi, Is there built-in support in Net::LDAP for escaping parameters in search filters? Something like DBI's placeholders or at least a method/subroutine in public API which can escape strings for me. ...
    Ilya MartynovIlya Martynov
    Sep 11, 2003 at 9:51 am
    Sep 11, 2003 at 12:01 pm
  • I've been trying to write a simple perl script that will query the active directory via LDAP and give me a list of email addresses for disabled users (eg, addresses we don't want to accept email for ...
    Sep 29, 2003 at 8:16 pm
    Sep 30, 2003 at 5:14 pm
  • Do some testing - query userAccountControl for an active user - then disable the user and query userAccountControl again. The result will be the what you should use in your query. In my case all ...
    Larivee, ChrisLarivee, Chris
    Sep 29, 2003 at 9:20 pm
    Sep 30, 2003 at 5:16 pm
  • After installing Windows 2003 on my testbed machine I noticed that AD under 2003 now accepts DIGEST-MD5 as a SASL mechanism (Hurrah!) as seen from this snippet of the rootdse dump: 4 ...
    Johnson, Brian KJohnson, Brian K
    Sep 5, 2003 at 3:02 pm
    Sep 10, 2003 at 2:52 pm
  • Hi, I have a mod_perl handler which opens and closes an LDAP connection each time they script is being started: $ldap = Net::LDAP- new('xxx.xxx.nokia.com') or die "$@"; $ldap- bind(); ... $ldap- ...
    Alexander FarberAlexander Farber
    Sep 8, 2003 at 8:32 am
    Sep 10, 2003 at 6:24 am
  • I have a Perl script using Net::LDAP to create new accounts in Microsoft Active Directory. Everything is working well except the password change (see output below). I am attempting to perform a ldap- ...
    Dan SwansonDan Swanson
    Sep 29, 2003 at 7:29 pm
    Oct 1, 2003 at 7:45 pm
  • Hi Everyone, I've been thinking about this for a little while now, but haven't hit on a suitable solution. The DSA I'm querying allows an approximate search, which uses a synonym lookup. So as an ...
    Peter LavenderPeter Lavender
    Sep 30, 2003 at 9:13 am
    Oct 1, 2003 at 7:56 am
  • Folks, Am looking for hints as to why this is going on. I have a script that verifies object replication to a bunch of slave ldap servers. It does this by trying to do a bind with full DN and ...
    Diffenderfer, RandyDiffenderfer, Randy
    Sep 29, 2003 at 8:11 pm
    Sep 30, 2003 at 5:00 am
  • Hi, here's the part of code ($VERSION = "0.9901") from the Schema.pm Module which i just downloaded from theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/CPAN/data/perl-ldap/. ---------- [snipp] ------------------------ while ...
    Matthias HelmlingMatthias Helmling
    Sep 25, 2003 at 6:04 pm
    Sep 25, 2003 at 7:50 pm
  • Hi, I know this is not the most on-topic post i could have done, but you are the last that could help me. I am trying to write a Perl script, using you LDAP module, to write into an AD (Active ...
    Jerome WalterJerome Walter
    Sep 17, 2003 at 8:54 am
    Sep 17, 2003 at 3:51 pm
  • Hello, I am new to Net::LDAP and this list, although I don't believe my subscription to the list has gone through yet so please CC any responses to jasonriedel@jasonriedel.com. That being said I have ...
    Jason RiedelJason Riedel
    Sep 16, 2003 at 11:28 pm
    Sep 17, 2003 at 2:35 am
  • Using my @LDAPServerAddress = [ '', '' ]; my $ldap = Net::LDAP- new(@LDAPServerAddress,port= 389,timeout= 5) Works. -----Original Message----- From: Edward Brookhouse Sent: ...
    Edward BrookhouseEdward Brookhouse
    Sep 26, 2003 at 3:39 pm
    Sep 26, 2003 at 3:39 pm
  • I am attempting to utilize Net::LDAP to authenticate to a directory, and I have it working, but I now need to add redundancy. The docs for Net::LDAP say " HOST may also be a reference to an array of ...
    Edward BrookhouseEdward Brookhouse
    Sep 26, 2003 at 3:32 pm
    Sep 26, 2003 at 3:32 pm
  • Graham BarrGraham Barr
    Sep 23, 2003 at 7:23 am
    Sep 23, 2003 at 7:23 am
  • I am tired and stumped. We are building on-line white pages written in perl from our ldap directory. I am trying to optimize what I can in LDAP to make the search as easy as possible for the web ...
    Betsy HasmanBetsy Hasman
    Sep 16, 2003 at 9:51 pm
    Sep 16, 2003 at 9:51 pm
  • Hoping someone has run into this. Using some rather old distribution of Perl-LDAP which includes Authen::SASL[1], and perl-cyrus-sasl-0.02[2], the following was working with the LDAP server (OpenLDAP ...
    Allan StreibAllan Streib
    Sep 12, 2003 at 7:52 pm
    Sep 12, 2003 at 7:52 pm
  • The module Net::LDAP::DSML write xml files according to DSML v1.0 standard. Is there a module for write xml files according to DSML v2.0? (http:// xml.coverpages.org/ni2001-11-30-a.html) Thanks for ...
    Sevastian FogliaSevastian Foglia
    Sep 4, 2003 at 9:33 am
    Sep 4, 2003 at 9:33 am
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