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  • We can discuss the perl jobs list here, right? Well regarding the one below, looking at the URL they supply, it looks like alot less perl than in the email post. And they sure do want alot for the s
    Douglas WilsonDouglas Wilson
    Jun 8, 2001 at 4:35 am
    Jun 10, 2001 at 3:19 am
  • we just got one from china? it is all hight octal chars in emacs and almost no readable ascii so i rejected it. anyone want me to forward it to them? :) Sender: fanyi01@btamail.net.cn Mime-Version: ...
    Uri GuttmanUri Guttman
    Jun 8, 2001 at 9:29 pm
    Jun 9, 2001 at 3:55 am
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