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  • We are working on implementing savepoint support in DBD::Pg, and someone pointed out (quite rightly) that perhaps there should be DBI method support for savepoints, as they are a standard SQL ...
    Greg Sabino MullaneGreg Sabino Mullane
    Mar 7, 2005 at 4:18 am
    Mar 15, 2005 at 6:00 pm
  • It ended up a little different in that I don't use an extra element in the struct but just hv_fetch "Callbacks" when needed. So it's more like the way "Profile" is handled. I should have pointed you ...
    Tim BunceTim Bunce
    Mar 23, 2005 at 12:22 am
    Mar 29, 2005 at 8:13 pm
  • take_imp_data support for DBD::mysql. it seems to be too simple, but I haven't tried it under threads yet. (notice that I have an issue with the test, discussed in a separate thread) Index: ...
    Stas BekmanStas Bekman
    Mar 30, 2005 at 4:46 am
    Apr 6, 2005 at 11:31 pm
  • I've made a patch to fetchall_hashref to handle multiple column key. Selectall_hashref will inherit the same result and syntax. Here is an example: For tables with a multiple columns primary key, an ...
    Zhuang LiZhuang Li
    Mar 10, 2005 at 6:32 pm
    Mar 14, 2005 at 11:28 pm
  • In order to properly test take_imp_data implementation, one needs to be able to test that when a second connect is issued and dbi_imp_data is passed: my $dbh = DBI- connect($test_dsn, $test_user, ...
    Stas BekmanStas Bekman
    Mar 30, 2005 at 4:46 am
    Mar 30, 2005 at 4:41 pm
  • Currently, a result set has to be completely materialized on the client before it can be fetched via DBD::Sponge: my $cursor = ... my $rows = []; while ( !$cursor- eof ) { my $row = [ map { $cursor- ...
    Steffen GoeldnerSteffen Goeldner
    Mar 16, 2005 at 12:13 am
    Mar 22, 2005 at 4:35 pm
  • Hi, on the DBD::mysql mailing list came up the suggestion for installing a Wiki somewhere. I wholeheartly support the issue (may be, because it was initially my suggestion :-), because I have ...
    Jochen WiedmannJochen Wiedmann
    Mar 18, 2005 at 7:24 am
    Mar 18, 2005 at 4:11 pm
  • Looks like t/11fetch.t should return a true value. Patch attached. Steffen
    Steffen GoeldnerSteffen Goeldner
    Mar 16, 2005 at 12:35 pm
    Mar 16, 2005 at 5:32 pm
  • Hallo, in an older version of DBI (i think it was 1.43) there was an warning in line 1317. "Use of uninitialized value in concatencation (.) or string at..." in the 1.47 Version the bug is fixed in ...
    Jens HinrichsJens Hinrichs
    Mar 7, 2005 at 12:24 pm
    Mar 7, 2005 at 4:31 pm
  • IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2005.01 (2005-03-14) has been uploaded to CPAN. IBM Informix Database Driver for Perl (also known as DBD::Informix) is the driver code that enables ...
    Jonathan LefflerJonathan Leffler
    Mar 15, 2005 at 6:19 pm
    Mar 15, 2005 at 6:19 pm
  • First off, sorry if any of you received this more than once. I erred in the mail headers, and my attempts to correct were less than good After a very tedious process of installing mysql-4.1.10 on ...
    H.Merijn BrandH.Merijn Brand
    Mar 11, 2005 at 4:16 pm
    Mar 11, 2005 at 4:16 pm
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