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  • As many of you probably know, the call for participation in this year's Open Source Conference has gone out (http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/os2003/create/e_sess). I'm thinking about possible ...
    Perrin HarkinsPerrin Harkins
    Jan 8, 2003 at 9:15 pm
    Jan 14, 2003 at 9:21 am
  • (This may seem off topic for this list, but I'll try to bring it around before the end of the message :) We've been struggling with load balancers for a while now. My requirements are pretty simple. ...
    John SiracusaJohn Siracusa
    Jan 13, 2003 at 4:02 pm
    Jan 14, 2003 at 8:54 am
  • Hello all, I've got a pretty simple perl script that used to run on a windows 98 machine running apache just fine. It would use system() to launch a windows app that has a graphical display to sync a ...
    Philip FibigerPhilip Fibiger
    Jan 2, 2003 at 5:23 pm
    Jan 8, 2003 at 2:34 pm
  • I'm new to mod_perl, and was having fun tinkering with mod_perl-1.99_05-3 on Red Hat 8 (Perl 5.8.0 / Kernel 2.4.18-17.8.0 on an i686 / Apache/2.0.40), installed from RPM's. I wanted to get the older ...
    Jan 15, 2003 at 1:32 pm
    Feb 6, 2003 at 9:28 am
  • libapreq-1.1 is now available on CPAN, and also through the Apache website at http://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/libapreq/libapreq-1.1.tar.gz -- Joe Schaefer
    Joe SchaeferJoe Schaefer
    Jan 28, 2003 at 11:47 pm
    Jan 31, 2003 at 8:11 am
  • hi, i'm having a problem with building mod_perl. what follows is a snapshot of my procedure to administer the build: perl: 5.8 installed (mthread) apache2:(x.43) mod_perl-1.99_08]# perl Makefile.PL ...
    Benjamin mccallBenjamin mccall
    Jan 27, 2003 at 2:33 am
    Jan 30, 2003 at 9:08 pm
  • The start of a new year has me thinking of how I can improve things. Like the way I develop, debug and test code. Do you develop with an xterm tailing the logs, an emacs window (or other editor) to ...
    Jim MartinezJim Martinez
    Jan 9, 2003 at 9:04 pm
    Jan 11, 2003 at 10:24 pm
  • Hi, Can someone direct me to a good tutorial for Apache::Include? Rgds
    Jan 28, 2003 at 7:42 pm
    Feb 1, 2003 at 10:25 pm
  • Here is the simplest form of the problem I can produce. I have two handlers and want to pass some info between them visa vi pnotes. One is a PerlTransHandler for Apache::SessionManager and the other ...
    Joseph P. CrottyJoseph P. Crotty
    Jan 23, 2003 at 5:21 am
    Jan 30, 2003 at 6:18 am
  • hi, sorry my english ;) modperl 2 with apache 2 thread is stable enought for start one big project of ecommerce? []s nattis
    Udlei NattisUdlei Nattis
    Jan 20, 2003 at 7:54 pm
    Jan 21, 2003 at 11:56 pm
  • I pointed someone at some mod_perl documentation that suggested installing GTop to measure shared memory, but he was unable to find libgtop for download at the URL in that module. I investigated and ...
    Perrin HarkinsPerrin Harkins
    Jan 29, 2003 at 4:17 am
    Jan 30, 2003 at 10:10 pm
  • Hi, I'm beginning with mod_perl (mod_perl-1.99_05 + Apache 2.0.40 from RedHat 8.0) and I want to write a module for rewriting the documents that passes through the Apache proxy. So, I looked at the ...
    Jérôme AugéJérôme Augé
    Jan 13, 2003 at 8:29 am
    Jan 17, 2003 at 3:13 am
  • Hi all, I am having problems running cgi scripts under mod_perl. I realise that this question has been asked before but I have not been able to find a reference to this particular behaviour in the ...
    George SavvidesGeorge Savvides
    Jan 30, 2003 at 11:15 pm
    Feb 4, 2003 at 10:55 pm
  • Hi, I think mod_perl is wonderful but unfortunately enough the "require" function does not work as it does in CGI. Is using the function "do" the only workaround as temporary solution till this ...
    Jan 25, 2003 at 5:03 pm
    Jan 28, 2003 at 11:52 pm
  • Hi I have SERVER_SOFTWARE: Apache/2.0.43 (Win32) mod_perl/1.99_08-dev Perl/v5.8.0 PHP/4.3.0 installed from theoryx5 all-in-one archive here is the problem I have : ...
    Pascal BarbedorPascal Barbedor
    Jan 22, 2003 at 2:21 pm
    Jan 23, 2003 at 6:56 pm
  • I am having a requirement as follows : I need to execute/interpret the perl requests away from mod_perl. Like, could mod_perl delegate the execution/interpretation of perl scripts to some other ...
    Chandrasekhar R SChandrasekhar R S
    Jan 7, 2003 at 7:20 am
    Jan 8, 2003 at 2:35 pm
  • [cross-posting dev/users list, since I'm not sure whether all those who can give a useful input are on the dev list] I've implemented a few filtering APIs recently. Rather than prototyping in Perl ...
    Stas BekmanStas Bekman
    Jan 16, 2003 at 5:39 am
    Jan 19, 2003 at 1:16 am
  • Upon successfully compiling mod_perl 2.0, and modifying httpd.conf so that it becomes invoked at the start of Apache 2.0.43, the following error message is gernerated. It is "httpd failed. The error ...
    Steve DavisSteve Davis
    Jan 3, 2003 at 7:39 pm
    Jan 6, 2003 at 10:44 am
  • Hi, i am using mod_perl 1.99_08. I have two mod_perl handlers: ... PerlResponseHandler Test::handler0 Test::handler1 ... How can i brake the execution chain between handler0 and handler1? Whatever i ...
    Helmut ZeilingerHelmut Zeilinger
    Jan 28, 2003 at 3:09 pm
    Feb 1, 2003 at 10:25 pm
  • To those of you on this mailing that wonder what is the best way to get started with mod_perl should check out "Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C". This book is coauthored by Lincoln Stein ...
    Michael ShirkMichael Shirk
    Jan 15, 2003 at 2:58 pm
    Jan 15, 2003 at 6:28 pm
  • Hello, I am seeing an issue where it appears that the contents of pnotes does not get destroyed when code is run inside of Apache::Registry. I first noticed this when I saw that connections to our db ...
    John HeitmannJohn Heitmann
    Jan 5, 2003 at 12:25 pm
    Jan 9, 2003 at 9:30 am
  • I'm moving into the XML space and one of the things I see is that XML processing is very expensive, so AxKit, PageKit, et al make extensive use of caching. I'm keeping all of my data in a MySQL DB ...
    Christopher L. EverettChristopher L. Everett
    Jan 16, 2003 at 11:48 am
    Jan 17, 2003 at 8:45 am
  • All, Having been successfully using modperl for the last 2 years statically linked with Apache, I have been trying again to make modperl work with 1.3.27 when the Apache core modules are loaded as ...
    Sinclair, Alan (CORP, GEAccess)Sinclair, Alan (CORP, GEAccess)
    Jan 13, 2003 at 8:47 pm
    Jan 15, 2003 at 11:55 pm
  • Hi! On my Solaris 5.8 machine I'm running apache 1.3.27 with mod_cgi and mod_perl 1.0. mod_cgi is compiled into apache and mod_perl are loaded in my httpd.conf. When I'm requesting for any .cgi ...
    Magnar Stav JohanssenMagnar Stav Johanssen
    Jan 29, 2003 at 2:34 pm
    Feb 1, 2003 at 10:26 pm
  • Here's a copy of a message I just sent to Randy: is there anyone here who can help me? Thanks in anticipation..... lee Hi Randy, I've just downloaded and installed your godsend of an all-in-one ...
    Lee GoddardLee Goddard
    Jan 30, 2003 at 10:59 am
    Jan 31, 2003 at 10:53 pm
  • I'm on SunOS 5.6 (Solaris 2.6) I've installed perl 5.8.0 in own test area (not in /usr/local/...) Here's a link to the log of my installation efforts: http://home.earthlink.net/~sblanky/log.html ...
    Blankenship, Scott RBlankenship, Scott R
    Jan 28, 2003 at 7:55 pm
    Jan 29, 2003 at 2:11 pm
  • Hi all, Does anyone have experience of seeing from error_log: /usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd: error while loading shared libraries: ...
    Xiaodong ShenXiaodong Shen
    Jan 24, 2003 at 8:11 pm
    Jan 28, 2003 at 12:11 am
  • Hi, I'm trying to build mod_perl2 with threads enabled. I recompiled apache with the worker mpm, built mod_perl which seemd to build fine.. however, when I go to 'make test' it gives me the following ...
    Jan 20, 2003 at 4:27 pm
    Jan 21, 2003 at 10:09 pm
  • Well, I'm taking the plunge. I have a brand new spiffy machine I'm configuring and I've decided, since for once I don't have to get it up and running urgently, to go the whole hog and move to the 2.0 ...
    Nick TonkinNick Tonkin
    Jan 17, 2003 at 5:39 pm
    Jan 18, 2003 at 3:01 am
  • Hi, I have two questions: a. How can I communicate a value from my cgi-script to a mod_perl handler. I know you can pass values from handlers to cgi-scripts using $r- args and environment variables. ...
    Vishal VermaVishal Verma
    Jan 16, 2003 at 9:10 pm
    Jan 17, 2003 at 10:23 pm
  • Hi, I have a mod_perl script that exec's (via backticks) another program. This program actually needs the CGI enviroment variables to perform correctly (it's a proprietary program, it was actually ...
    Erich OliphantErich Oliphant
    Jan 8, 2003 at 9:48 pm
    Jan 16, 2003 at 12:59 am
  • unsubscribe modperl -- Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung Informationssystem Stadt und Umwelt IXB2/Br Ulrich Brochhagen Webmaster - Internetserver Brückenstr. 6, 10179 Berlin, Raum 4.007 Tel. +49 ...
    Ulrich BrochhagenUlrich Brochhagen
    Jan 13, 2003 at 10:00 am
    Jan 14, 2003 at 5:26 pm
  • I'm a newbee at this, so please have patience. Question: Even though I have PERL 5.8 installed, we wish to get mod_perl installed to make use of caching. Currently, a listing of the %ENV hash ...
    Charlie SmithCharlie Smith
    Jan 6, 2003 at 3:45 pm
    Jan 10, 2003 at 6:37 pm
  • Hi all I have a feeling this may be [OT], "take it to the DBI list..." But I'm hoping to eliminate as much as possible any suspicion that Apache::DBI/mod_perl is causing my headache. I'm trying to ...
    Paul SimonPaul Simon
    Jan 2, 2003 at 1:00 pm
    Jan 8, 2003 at 3:26 am
  • I do not understand this, please help: isn't this a message generated by something other than me? Error message: Can't locate object method "server_root_relative" via package "Apache" at ...
    Lee GoddardLee Goddard
    Jan 30, 2003 at 1:09 pm
    Jan 30, 2003 at 10:31 pm
  • Hi, I would like to know if there is a module that implements a pool of connections to an Oracle database. More precisely, I am using Apache::DBI to create and cache the connection to the DB. As this ...
    Georg BotorogGeorg Botorog
    Jan 24, 2003 at 6:15 pm
    Jan 27, 2003 at 5:18 pm
  • What is the status of DBI, Apache::DBI and mod_perl-1.99_09-dev, and Apache 2.1.0-dev ? I saw Ask released .89 a few weeks ago to CPAN. I just installed it, but I'm getting errors when trying to load ...
    Philip M. GollucciPhilip M. Gollucci
    Jan 25, 2003 at 8:21 am
    Jan 26, 2003 at 10:58 pm
  • Guys, Sorry this is a little off topic... Is there a size limit on DBM's? (Or Linux files for that matter.. ) I've thrown some details of my box/code below.. Thing is I'm getting a "write error" and ...
    Jim Morrison [Mailinglists]Jim Morrison [Mailinglists]
    Jan 21, 2003 at 12:35 pm
    Jan 21, 2003 at 9:45 pm
  • Hey all, Building the latest mp2 I get: protocol/echo_filter.........ok Failed Test Stat Wstat Total Fail Failed List of Failed ...
    Nick TonkinNick Tonkin
    Jan 18, 2003 at 4:07 am
    Jan 19, 2003 at 11:36 pm
  • I am using RedHat 7.2, apache 1.3.27, mod_perl 1.27. Everything istalls correctly and make test is all a go. I then start the server, run a print env script and I dont get a MOD_PERL env and the ...
    Matt LoprestiMatt Lopresti
    Jan 5, 2003 at 2:10 pm
    Jan 6, 2003 at 5:23 am
  • Is there any equivalent to PerlVINC under mod_perl 2? -- </chris "Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance." - Sam Brown
    Christopher HicksChristopher Hicks
    Jan 29, 2003 at 10:22 pm
    Jan 31, 2003 at 10:59 pm
  • Hi here is a revised complete report bug and as suggested : LIBXML2.DLL VERSION 2.4.26 XML::LibXML version 1.52 everything rebuild debug test code ----------------------- use testxml(); (in ...
    Pascal BarbedorPascal Barbedor
    Jan 30, 2003 at 10:48 am
    Jan 31, 2003 at 10:51 pm
  • Is the pod missing from the mp2 beta, or is it just mine? I've looked on perdoc.org, but nothing there for Apache::Const. I'm trying to find a replacement for Apache::Request::params() on mp2, and ...
    Lee GoddardLee Goddard
    Jan 30, 2003 at 5:42 pm
    Jan 30, 2003 at 10:38 pm
  • hi everybody Do someone know how to connect to a distant host with perl (via sftp ) and copy file from the host ? thank you koudjo MSN Messenger : discutez en direct avec vos amis ! ...
    Koudjo ametepeKoudjo ametepe
    Jan 27, 2003 at 1:39 pm
    Jan 27, 2003 at 7:44 pm
  • Hi all, if you would be willing to spend a minute on helping me out of this: I'm trying to get mod_perl-2 running on Win32. Without success, of course. :( My box is a Win2k SP3 with 1GB RAM, ...
    Robert KehlRobert Kehl
    Jan 26, 2003 at 9:51 am
    Jan 27, 2003 at 4:05 pm
  • Hi, i am trying Apache 2.0.44 and mod_perl 1.99_08. httpd.conf :Bevor all virtual hosts PerlRequire /usr/local/apache2/conf/virtual/startup.pl The content of startup.pl is as in the mod_perl ...
    Helmut ZeilingerHelmut Zeilinger
    Jan 22, 2003 at 1:24 pm
    Jan 25, 2003 at 10:26 am
  • Hi. I would like to start testing mp2, but I remember that compiling apache/mp1 was no fun at all. So I would like to have a debian package. I found one in debian unstable, but this requires perl ...
    Joachim ZobelJoachim Zobel
    Jan 23, 2003 at 6:56 pm
    Jan 24, 2003 at 11:25 am
  • hi everybody I have a litle problem with the redirection with the famous print "Location: "; can someone help me about it The server print internal error 500 Thank you koudjo MSN Messenger : discutez ...
    Koudjo ametepeKoudjo ametepe
    Jan 24, 2003 at 9:14 am
    Jan 24, 2003 at 11:13 am
  • Hi, The script below under mod_perl 1.99_08 (ModPerl::Registry), gives me this: Can't locate object method "FILENO" via package "Apache::RequestRec" at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/IPC/Open3.pm line 196. A ...
    Ville SkyttäVille Skyttä
    Jan 21, 2003 at 9:40 pm
    Jan 22, 2003 at 11:13 pm
  • Hi, I could have sworn that at some point under Apache/1.3.27 and mod_perl/1.27 I had the ability to find a timestamp of some kind for uploaded files using Apache::Upload. To be precise, I thought ...
    Matthew HodgsonMatthew Hodgson
    Jan 14, 2003 at 4:34 am
    Jan 15, 2003 at 3:39 pm
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