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  • Hello Gerald, I believe I am on top of my issues with NTLM. Everything seems to work fine when httpd is in single user mode as the 1 process has an understanding of what has been authenticated before ...
    Kaye-Smith AdamKaye-Smith Adam
    Sep 3, 2002 at 1:48 am
    Sep 17, 2002 at 4:00 am
  • Hello, The Modules book by Lincoln Stein and Doug MacEachern (pp.464-465) says that Apache::exit() can be used to halt script execution without terminating the process and without logging an error. ...
    Francisco CorellaFrancisco Corella
    Sep 11, 2002 at 9:22 pm
    Sep 28, 2002 at 2:50 am
  • Hey mod_perl users, I just did a benchmarks to compare mod_perl + apache versions 1 & 2. What I find striking is that without any optimizations, the v2 mod_perl & apache are faster. I'm really blown ...
    Josh ChamasJosh Chamas
    Sep 18, 2002 at 8:33 pm
    Nov 29, 2002 at 9:49 am
  • All, can anybody provide any help with this problem - and maybe explain why I get the following anomoly? I've been trying to find the cause of the issue but to no avail:-( I have MyMod::Apache::Test ...
    Martin MossMartin Moss
    Sep 17, 2002 at 1:20 am
    Sep 19, 2002 at 9:43 am
  • hi all... just FYI... mod_perl use seems to be dramatically on the rise again. here'are the statistics for August from security space: perl august: %36.83 july: %30.79 change: %19.64 PHP august: ...
    Geoffrey YoungGeoffrey Young
    Sep 6, 2002 at 7:26 pm
    Sep 13, 2002 at 4:41 pm
  • If I compiled a c module that embed a perl interpreter and I benchmark this again the same module in mod_perl I got a big difference in favor of mod_c. For example mod_c give with ab: Requests per ...
    Pierre LaplantePierre Laplante
    Sep 11, 2002 at 2:17 am
    Sep 24, 2002 at 8:34 am
  • hi i have one problem look this source: use strict; $| = 1; my ($i,$r); $r = shift; $r- content_type('text/html'); while ($i < 10) { $r- printf($i."<br \n"); $r- printf("\0"); $i++; sleep 1; } if you ...
    Udlei NattisUdlei Nattis
    Sep 3, 2002 at 5:21 pm
    Nov 28, 2002 at 10:38 am
  • Hi all, I'm sure I'm just missing something, but I'm stumped. I've got an access handler that does some tests and then conditionaly does this: $r- push_handlers('PerlAuthenHandler', 'Some::handler'); ...
    Rodney BroomRodney Broom
    Sep 1, 2002 at 1:44 am
    Sep 3, 2002 at 1:08 pm
  • Hi folks. I'm new to the list, and relatively new to mod_perl, but a big project thrown my way put me right in the middle, and I think I've fared well so far, with one exception... file uploads. I've ...
    Sep 12, 2002 at 7:08 pm
    Sep 13, 2002 at 11:58 am
  • Hi I'm new at mod_perl, and I decided to start running my scripts with Apache::PerlRun so I don't have to rewrite them right away (they're too 'dirty' to run under Apache::Registry). Anyway, I ...
    Sep 1, 2002 at 12:39 am
    Sep 3, 2002 at 5:15 pm
  • Hello, I use own PerlAuthenHandler module to verify users' login and password from database. For comparsion of password user entered and password stored in database is crypt function used. Here is ...
    Tomáą ProcházkaTomáą Procházka
    Sep 6, 2002 at 6:23 am
    Oct 13, 2002 at 12:39 am
  • Hi folks, I'm a new user to mod_perl. I'm using Apache::Registry to run some scripts that have been written using the CGI::Application framework. Previously, under mod_cgi, I've been using the ...
    William McKeeWilliam McKee
    Sep 12, 2002 at 7:49 pm
    Sep 17, 2002 at 5:51 pm
  • Dear mod_perl users, [ SURVEY BELOW, please respond privately ] This is the *2nd survey* that I am sending to the list about a possible business venture where we provide dedicated hosting services ...
    Josh ChamasJosh Chamas
    Sep 14, 2002 at 12:32 am
    Sep 14, 2002 at 10:34 pm
  • Does anybody know where I can find information for installing and running AxKit under windows (is this possible?). I looked on axkit.org but didn't find any guidance. Thanks PC
    Prakash ChatterjeePrakash Chatterjee
    Sep 11, 2002 at 2:42 pm
    Sep 12, 2002 at 2:04 am
  • Hello, I'd like to know if it is possible to use mod_proxy as a sticky session manager. Basically, I'd like to put mod_proxy behind the load balancer and allow the proxy servers to talk to the ...
    Calbazana, AlCalbazana, Al
    Sep 6, 2002 at 12:45 pm
    Sep 10, 2002 at 4:05 pm
  • Im looking at Apache::Session and trying to figure out what it does. What I want to do is tie sessions to a particular record in a database table. From what I can tell, Apache::Session will only give ...
    Todd WTodd W
    Sep 20, 2002 at 11:40 pm
    Dec 9, 2002 at 5:09 pm
  • I use well known configuration 'thin apacheproxy proxying fat mod_perl apache'. Currently I use apache1 and for now I do not plan upgrading mod_perl server to apache2. But I think about upgrading the ...
    Marcin KasperskiMarcin Kasperski
    Sep 19, 2002 at 9:56 am
    Sep 23, 2002 at 4:20 pm
  • Hi following a recipe in modperl doc I have setup a front end plain apache "reverse proxy" + a back end modperl enabled. the front end has proxy cache enabled. any static content that is served by a ...
    Pascal barbedorPascal barbedor
    Sep 5, 2002 at 10:11 pm
    Sep 8, 2002 at 10:10 pm
  • Sorry.. This is completely off topic.. but I have a question you guys might help me with.. I'm writing then next part of a big modperl project I'm doing.. This bit could be loosely called a ...
    Jim Morrison [Mailinglists]Jim Morrison [Mailinglists]
    Sep 26, 2002 at 1:35 pm
    Sep 26, 2002 at 3:09 pm
  • I am having troubles using XML::LibXML with PerlRun. The script I am running runs just fine under CGI, but when using PerlRun, I get the following message: PerlRun: `Can't locate object method ...
    Scott NelsonScott Nelson
    Sep 17, 2002 at 8:52 pm
    Sep 21, 2002 at 12:58 am
  • Thanks for reading! I'm getting this error when make testing on a RH 7.2 box, using the above versions for Apache and mod_perl. The version of Perl is 5.6.1. Originally on this server it was Perl ...
    Mark SchoonoverMark Schoonover
    Sep 18, 2002 at 4:14 pm
    Sep 18, 2002 at 5:52 pm
  • Hi! I recently made an attempt to upgrade other web software to mod_perl 1.26 (compiled statically, running on Solaris 2.6). We're using Sybase 11.9.2 for this application as the db backend. When I ...
    Keith WatanabeKeith Watanabe
    Sep 11, 2002 at 1:44 am
    Sep 15, 2002 at 7:09 pm
  • Here is a program that works in perl 5.6.1 but it doesn't on mod_perl 1.26. #!/usr/bin/perl -w use Expect; $expect_delay=120; $system_name = "system"; $system_pass = "thisisthepassword"; ...
    Mark TempleMark Temple
    Sep 10, 2002 at 5:31 pm
    Sep 11, 2002 at 9:09 pm
  • Hi All- We are using Apache::Request to handle our uploads via the browser. Now that we switched to UTF-8 encoding any filename with Kanji in the filename uploads with a size of '0' and nothing goes ...
    Sep 27, 2002 at 11:05 pm
    Sep 30, 2002 at 6:59 pm
  • Hello, Can anyone advise me on how to build apache server with ssl and openssl and using mod perl. this is how I do it WITHOUT mod perl support cd to modssl soure directory and then run the following ...
    Allan P. MagmanlacAllan P. Magmanlac
    Sep 24, 2002 at 3:08 pm
    Sep 26, 2002 at 12:35 am
  • I¹m trying to read some posted data, modify it and then redirect request inc the modified data. Something like; my $r = Apache::Request- new(Apache- request); my %form = $r- content; #modify %form ...
    Mark CanceMark Cance
    Sep 25, 2002 at 6:15 pm
    Sep 25, 2002 at 7:12 pm
  • Hi I inherited a very happy cobalt raq3 with 2 sites using embedded Perl which work very well. There are about 20 sites on the box. I needed to get PHP running on the same box, so I made the module, ...
    Jon HarrisJon Harris
    Sep 4, 2002 at 5:20 pm
    Sep 5, 2002 at 7:46 am
  • Hi when using $r- print in perl 561/modperl 1.26 context on winXP, I cannot get the value passed to be dereferenced as it is explained in the doc $r- print automatically does. $out='toto' ; $r- ...
    Pascal BarbedorPascal Barbedor
    Sep 3, 2002 at 11:39 am
    Sep 3, 2002 at 11:11 pm
  • Ok... I've beaten my head against the wall long enough... I am able to successfully set cookies under a handler and log them under IE5 and NS only. However, I am unable to successfully do this under ...
    Calbazana, AlCalbazana, Al
    Sep 16, 2002 at 8:47 pm
    Oct 4, 2002 at 4:00 am
  • Thnx for all the people contributing in the previous thread which gave me deeper insight and a very easy solution ($CGI::XHTML = 0;) But now I played around and found out that if loading a modules ...
    Sep 24, 2002 at 9:12 pm
    Sep 26, 2002 at 9:54 pm
  • Hi I am just messing around with Perl DBI/Apache and I can't seem to understand this problem. Right now I am just trying to write a simple CGI perl script that just displays a mysql query. I am using ...
    Rich DeSimoneRich DeSimone
    Sep 22, 2002 at 2:32 pm
    Sep 24, 2002 at 2:30 am
  • Today I finally resolved a strange error that was bugging me for days now. In the sets of applications that runs under mod_perl on our webserver we need the same modules twice, but with different ...
    Sep 23, 2002 at 7:35 pm
    Sep 23, 2002 at 9:22 pm
  • Hello, There is a bug in Apache::Cookie. It doesn't handle a cookie with zero bytes in it! $value = "ABCD" . chr(0) . "EFGH"; $cookie = Apache::Cookie- new($request, -name= 'oatmeal', -value= $value, ...
    Michael McLaganMichael McLagan
    Sep 21, 2002 at 3:46 pm
    Sep 23, 2002 at 5:58 pm
  • OK, I know a few of you received this "plea for help" through a direct email. It was suggested to me by one of the recipients (Geoffrey Young actually) that I submit this email to the list and that ...
    Todd Cranston-CuebasTodd Cranston-Cuebas
    Sep 21, 2002 at 12:31 am
    Sep 21, 2002 at 6:28 pm
  • Hi, I have a Warning when creating the Makefile from Makefile.pm : ************* WARNING ************* mod_perl is unlikely to link with your libperl, suggestions: *) Rebuild Perl with Configure ...
    Christophe MailheChristophe Mailhe
    Sep 19, 2002 at 11:43 am
    Sep 20, 2002 at 4:05 pm
  • Hi all. Having a curious problem with the POST command with all CGI scripts on a particular server (Apache/1.3.14 (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux) DAV/1.0.2 PHP/4.0.6 mod_perl/1.24). Basically, it doesn't ...
    Corey DurwardCorey Durward
    Sep 19, 2002 at 10:49 pm
    Sep 20, 2002 at 1:20 pm
  • Hi .. I'm trying to do a simple redirect using mod_perl 2.0, Apache 2.0.40 .. just doesn't seem to work. This is my code, in a file called MySocket.pm package Apache::MySocket; use strict; use ...
    Sylbert LSylbert L
    Sep 18, 2002 at 2:12 pm
    Sep 18, 2002 at 6:42 pm
  • I'm having a very strage problem... I flatten out an array using Data::Dumper and store it in a database. Later, I need to unflatten it, so I use eval. This works *sometimes*. In fact, it seems that ...
    Michael GrantMichael Grant
    Sep 15, 2002 at 9:17 am
    Sep 16, 2002 at 9:37 pm
  • Hello, According to docs, $r- prev returns undef unless there is an internal redirect. But to my surprises, $r- prev is always defined, severely breaking down the code/flow logic of my scripts. Here ...
    Sep 8, 2002 at 8:56 am
    Sep 9, 2002 at 4:45 pm
  • Hi, I'm just getting started with mod_perl. Was trying out the Apache::CommandServer sample code provided in the documentation, but I seem to get this error : Can't locate object method ...
    Sylbert LSylbert L
    Sep 5, 2002 at 8:51 am
    Sep 5, 2002 at 11:55 am
  • i have a working version of apache 1.3.26 with mod_perl 1.27, no problems.. i installed another apache 1.3.26 build with openssl 0.9.6g, mod_ssl 2.8.10-1.3.26, and mod_perl 1.27, and am receiving ...
    Anthony E.Anthony E.
    Sep 30, 2002 at 10:57 pm
    Oct 1, 2002 at 8:05 am
  • Yesterday I ported a few thousand lines of code I'd been working on over to Perl. It was quite a bit of work getting all of the strict stuff correct and then fighting with the modules-do-not-reload ...
    Shannon AppelclineShannon Appelcline
    Sep 28, 2002 at 7:02 pm
    Sep 30, 2002 at 4:48 pm
  • I'm using mod_perl, and am getting some inaccurate numbers in my access_log file. for example, i have the google search engine on my page (http://www.euroseek.com), they are claiming our number of ...
    Anthony E.Anthony E.
    Sep 27, 2002 at 7:46 pm
    Sep 27, 2002 at 8:04 pm
  • I'm having problem with the ProxyRewrite configuration. My enviroment is: Internal Site: http://a.a.a.a/site External Site (The proxy server): http://b.b.b.b/site I'd like to configure a Reverse ...
    Sep 27, 2002 at 5:32 pm
    Sep 27, 2002 at 6:22 pm
  • Hi, I have two experimental servers frontend and mod_perl. mod_perl is apache with mod_perl frontend is apache lightweight My config only passes *.pl thru to mod_perl When a user uploads a file they ...
    Scott AlexanderScott Alexander
    Sep 26, 2002 at 9:54 am
    Sep 26, 2002 at 2:57 pm
  • I keep getting the following error when compiling mod_perl under MS-Dev-6.0 Constants.xs(158) : error C2065: 'errno' : undeclared identifier It's the only compilation error I'm stuck on, but I've ...
    Issac GoldstandIssac Goldstand
    Sep 22, 2002 at 2:38 pm
    Sep 24, 2002 at 7:56 pm
  • I'm trying to use some modules I wrote through PerlModule in httpd.conf The modules are tested and correct. They appear to work when they're auto-loaded. However, I wish to load them on startup of ...
    Andrew G. HammondAndrew G. Hammond
    Sep 19, 2002 at 3:15 pm
    Sep 19, 2002 at 5:43 pm
  • Hey, There seems to be a worm spreading for Apache + Linux + OpenSSL servers that I saw a discussion on at http://apache.slashdot.org/apache/02/09/13/2315246.shtml?tid=172 Seems like we need to ...
    Josh ChamasJosh Chamas
    Sep 17, 2002 at 7:42 pm
    Sep 18, 2002 at 2:08 am
  • Is it possible to set a bandwidth limit in apache? -- CyberToke
    Sep 13, 2002 at 4:11 pm
    Sep 13, 2002 at 7:51 pm
  • Hi, is there a way to subscribe to mod_perl digest only? The page http://perl.apache.org/maillist/modperl.html lists strangely the same address as for normal subscr. Thanks Alex
    Alexander FarberAlexander Farber
    Sep 13, 2002 at 2:19 am
    Sep 13, 2002 at 5:36 am
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