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  • I want to write a new application using mod_perl but this time I want to completely divide the code from the HTML. Therefore I am seeking for a powerfull and fast templating system. Newly I did ...
    Darko KrizicDarko Krizic
    Jul 27, 2000 at 9:18 am
    Aug 4, 2000 at 2:30 pm
  • hi everyone[tm], what lousy planning. let's all beat Nathan up, I'm sure it's his fault. :) We have a mod_perl BOF the 19th from 8-9pm (that's 20-21 for the rest of us) - ...
    Ask Bjoern HansenAsk Bjoern Hansen
    Jul 14, 2000 at 6:07 am
    Jul 19, 2000 at 9:46 am
  • Hi there template discussion people,, I sure think that this template discussion is intresting, forms autofill is one thing but another thing that i think would be neat is if the kit could do session ...
    Denton RiverDenton River
    Jul 28, 2000 at 7:17 pm
    Aug 2, 2000 at 5:53 pm
  • Hi, Recently I started to have problems in developing my CGIs because in my new job most of the servers run Netscape instead of Apache. The administrator told me that the reason is that Netscape has ...
    Luis Henrique Cassis FagundesLuis Henrique Cassis Fagundes
    Jul 12, 2000 at 3:25 pm
    Jul 14, 2000 at 5:48 pm
  • Hi, We are running Netscape Enterprise server with cgis written in perl and C. I'm looking at moving over to Apache and start using mod_perl. How simple/complex do you think the process is going to ...
    Pramod SokkePramod Sokke
    Jul 6, 2000 at 6:57 pm
    Aug 3, 2000 at 1:20 pm
  • Hi, I'm researching the nicest way to migrate our CGIs to running under mod_perl, and although they are too dirty to run under Apache::Registry, Apache::PerlRun works just fine. There is the ...
    Andrew ChenAndrew Chen
    Jul 13, 2000 at 6:49 pm
    Jul 20, 2000 at 8:37 pm
  • Hi all, this is probably gonna be a longish one. It's about coldfusion vs. the combination of apache/mod_perl, I'm hoping to find some people on the list who have some experience with both, and who ...
    Jul 5, 2000 at 9:18 pm
    Jul 7, 2000 at 3:54 pm
  • Hi all, I am using an Apache Handler module to create my home page, using <Location /index.pl SetHandler perl-script PerlHandler ModuleName </Location I have DirectoryIndex set to "index.pl ...
    Drew TaylorDrew Taylor
    Jul 10, 2000 at 1:31 pm
    Jul 10, 2000 at 4:22 pm
  • I'm working with IBM (sorry! Its not my choice!) to try to get mod_perl compiled into their custom version of Apache, and their techs want to know why I can't run mod_perl as a DSO. So, I need to ...
    Michael NachbaurMichael Nachbaur
    Jul 25, 2000 at 8:15 pm
    Jul 28, 2000 at 10:18 pm
  • I got this error always when running /site/eg/index.html /www/htdocs/site/eg/.htaccess: Invalid command 'PerlSetVar', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server ...
    Vincent BruijnesVincent Bruijnes
    Jul 6, 2000 at 7:29 am
    Jul 28, 2000 at 2:48 pm
  • Wow, look at all these messages! I trundle off the the Perl Conference for a few days, and come back to an overflowing modperl mailbox. I'm the author of the Template Toolkit and I figure it's time ...
    Andy WardleyAndy Wardley
    Jul 28, 2000 at 3:43 pm
    Aug 4, 2000 at 8:46 am
  • -- Ok, so are you actually going to write a VBScript to perl parser? I was actually thinking of undertaking this project myself, but I've never written a lexer or a parser or anything like that. If ...

    Jul 24, 2000 at 11:36 pm
    Jul 28, 2000 at 9:38 am
  • HI list, My company is using mod_perl right now and i like it alot, but now are they wanting us to start develop in PHP i really like to stay mod_perl, so i am askin you for some help, I would really ...
    Denton RiverDenton River
    Jul 26, 2000 at 3:22 pm
    Jul 26, 2000 at 8:44 pm
  • Hi, Our company, like.com, has been looking for some experianced mod_perl coders. We have checked most of the major job sites, including guru.com and have not come across any that have real skills. ...
    Jul 18, 2000 at 7:13 pm
    Jul 20, 2000 at 7:35 pm
  • I've put my report on the OSS/Perl conference online for all to see. Hopefully you'll find it vaguely interesting in parts. Its at http://modperl.sergeant.org/oss-conf-report.txt -- <Matt/ Fastnet ...
    Matt SergeantMatt Sergeant
    Jul 23, 2000 at 11:39 am
    Jul 27, 2000 at 12:22 am
  • Hi, I've come across some totally weird behaviour of <Perl sections. I'm enclosing a minimalistic httpd.conf that shows it. In order to test it, create a directory called "zz", put it there, cd to ...
    Alex ShnitmanAlex Shnitman
    Jul 13, 2000 at 2:09 pm
    Jul 20, 2000 at 9:28 pm
  • Hi. I'm having problems with my Apache segfaulting when I run subroutines from modules that uses DBI. ([Mon Jul 17 13:55:22 2000] [notice] child pid 28327 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)). It ...
    Trond Arve NordheimTrond Arve Nordheim
    Jul 17, 2000 at 12:48 pm
    Jul 18, 2000 at 5:52 pm
  • Hi, unbuffered output in a handler just doesn't work for me: <Location /unbuffered Options ExecCGI SetHandler perl-script PerlHandler My::Handler </Location package My::Handler; sub handler { my $r = ...
    Dirk LutzebaeckDirk Lutzebaeck
    Jul 13, 2000 at 2:57 pm
    Jul 13, 2000 at 7:51 pm
  • Here's another topic I've had on my mind lately. I currently try to initialize all vaiables in the definition (my $var = ();) I've read where several I respect, Doug being one :-), initialize ...
    Drew TaylorDrew Taylor
    Jul 10, 2000 at 5:37 pm
    Jul 11, 2000 at 3:13 pm
  • environment: linux redhat 2.2.12-20, modperl 1.24, apache 1.3.12 i've tried it with both perl 5.6 and with 5.005-03. in both cases, i get a segv crash almost immediately the first time i issue a ...
    Mark D. AndersonMark D. Anderson
    Jul 10, 2000 at 7:36 am
    Sep 28, 2000 at 6:40 pm
  • hi, I've a strange pb in a PerlHandler, the subprocess seems to hang in a $r- print ($r is Apache::Request) after a send_http_header() - wich do not hang - when called with a POST method (after ...
    Jul 6, 2000 at 1:54 pm
    Jul 13, 2000 at 9:30 am
  • Hi all, I sent a patch for Apache::test a week or so ago. I got no responses, so I'm here to advocate again for its incorporation. The original message is here: ...
    Ken WilliamsKen Williams
    Jul 27, 2000 at 6:38 pm
    Aug 7, 2000 at 7:41 am
  • Dear All As some of you are at a conferance at the mo and I am still at work ;-( I thought I'd ask about apacheCon Europe - although not strictly mod_perl there is a relevance - even if tenous. I've ...
    Greg CopeGreg Cope
    Jul 19, 2000 at 6:36 pm
    Jul 24, 2000 at 8:51 pm
  • Dear All I've writen a small IPC sysV based shared cache thingy ... (useing IPC::ShareLite), and I'd like some comments oin the design if anywants to crtique... Why / the problem: I work in a dept ...
    Greg CopeGreg Cope
    Jul 22, 2000 at 11:22 am
    Jul 23, 2000 at 11:34 pm
  • Hello, Whilst I am subscribed to modperl mailing list does anyone know a good general perl mailing list preferably from perl.org or .com I tried subscribing to a few but links where outdated. Any ...
    Jul 19, 2000 at 1:52 pm
    Jul 19, 2000 at 5:05 pm
  • Hello, I am a software developer for The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK. My query is the following: I have been able to successfully run a Perl script from MS-DOS that would pull ...
    Lorenzo GordonLorenzo Gordon
    Jul 10, 2000 at 1:43 pm
    Jul 11, 2000 at 9:25 pm
  • With perl 5.6.0, Solaris 2.6, apache 1.3.9, and mod_perl 1.24, I'm seeing intermittent taint errors like [Sat Jul 1 18:50:13 2000] [error] PerlRun: `Insecure dependency in require while running with ...
    Michael BlakeleyMichael Blakeley
    Jul 2, 2000 at 9:06 pm
    Jul 3, 2000 at 7:37 pm
  • Dear All Is there a (CPAN) module for transparently setting/getting a Session id from a client: i.e. If they are using cookies set and send a Session ID (shortish expiration time) and optionally a ...
    Greg CopeGreg Cope
    Jul 26, 2000 at 7:39 pm
    Aug 2, 2000 at 10:52 pm
  • Hi, I want to create a service which filters HTML files like this: http://www.a-blast.org/web-blast.html == http://www.a-blast.org/web-blast.plx?url=http://www.nsa.gov/programs/employ/ But it should ...
    Alvar FreudeAlvar Freude
    Jul 19, 2000 at 1:19 am
    Jul 20, 2000 at 6:07 am
  • Hi All, we have installed Apache::DBI module ( system os is linux, web server apache, running mod_perl and mysql is rdbms) in our systems. But it is not working. When i try to compile a sample file ...
    Jul 17, 2000 at 4:16 am
    Jul 18, 2000 at 6:08 pm
  • Hi all, Here's a resend of the Apache::test patch that I sent yesterday, this time sent as type text/plain from a Unix mailer. Rick Myers noted that the version I sent before was encoded with ...
    Ken WilliamsKen Williams
    Jul 17, 2000 at 9:46 pm
    Oct 13, 2000 at 5:22 pm
  • Sorry to bring up PerlAddVar again, but this time I have a legitimate bug. It stems from what I reported last time about items in Apache::Table not being visible outside a <Location directives: that ...
    Geoffrey YoungGeoffrey Young
    Jul 6, 2000 at 2:45 pm
    Sep 26, 2000 at 8:21 pm
  • hi everyone... I was just wondering if anyone has been able to get the newer releases of DBD-Oracle to work under mod_perl? that is, using DBD-Oracle 1.04, 1.05, and 1.06, under perl 5.005 (RH6.0 ...
    Geoffrey YoungGeoffrey Young
    Jul 26, 2000 at 12:32 pm
    Aug 11, 2000 at 8:56 pm
  • Pramod: We are actually going to be generalizing it and releasing it (maybe) but we need to get approval first, so can't just send the code :) It'll probably happen in a few weeks though. So here's ...
    Andrew ChenAndrew Chen
    Jul 25, 2000 at 10:21 pm
    Aug 2, 2000 at 1:56 pm
  • The URL http://morpheus.laserlink.net/~gyoung/modules/Apache-Dispatch-0.01.tar.gz has entered CPAN as file: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GE/GEOFF/Apache-Dispatch-0.01.tar.gz size: 5170 bytes md5: ...
    Geoffrey YoungGeoffrey Young
    Jul 28, 2000 at 7:46 pm
    Jul 31, 2000 at 3:31 pm
  • I know this is off the topic of modperl but if anyone knows of a good reference (book/webpage or whatever), I would appreciate it if you could pass those on. I am reading the URL rewriting guide at ...
    Jeff JonesJeff Jones
    Jul 20, 2000 at 7:31 pm
    Jul 22, 2000 at 1:58 pm
  • Hi all! Any one started to make one? It seems a good idea. Of coz it's not simple to build the whole complex platform (NGWS), but the concept of server-side object and the event driven model is too ...
    Kenneth LeeKenneth Lee
    Jul 20, 2000 at 7:09 am
    Jul 21, 2000 at 5:48 am
  • or is that a "too big" question I am coding in Perl - not well but adequately (I use PHP for anything "hard"). Is there a compelling reason to switch to mod_perl ? Jim Carey
    Jul 18, 2000 at 9:32 pm
    Jul 20, 2000 at 4:58 pm
  • Hi, I have a problem with DBI and Oracle. I have an input form where i insert a phrase like "Mike's car" when i try to do the insert, it produces an error: "not valid sentence". this is the code: ...
    Jesús Lasso SánchezJesús Lasso Sánchez
    Jul 5, 2000 at 6:27 pm
    Jul 10, 2000 at 5:44 pm
  • Hi, I'm running the win32 version. I changed the httpd.conf file to include: Apache::DBI I get that it cannot be found. I"ve setup the path inside httpd file as <perl push ...
    David JourardDavid Jourard
    Jul 3, 2000 at 5:00 pm
    Jul 5, 2000 at 2:29 pm
  • Solaris 2.6, Perl 5.6, apache 1.3.9, mod_perl 1.24. I see intermittent Apache error_log entries like: [Mon Jul 24 04:08:02 2000] [error] Insecure dependency in require while running with -T switch at ...
    Michael BlakeleyMichael Blakeley
    Jul 25, 2000 at 10:58 pm
    Sep 27, 2000 at 8:43 pm
  • I would like perl to process a php page before or after the php interpreter get's it hands on the file. I am trying to add a navbar to the PHP code. How would I go about doing that? Sam
    Sam CarletonSam Carleton
    Jul 16, 2000 at 8:11 pm
    Jul 24, 2000 at 2:43 pm
  • hi, i guess once you've been playing with mod_perl for a while, you certainly installed perl, many modules, plus mod_perl, plus apache, plus many more things ... I keep a personal list of all the ...
    Martin langhoffMartin langhoff
    Jul 18, 2000 at 1:55 pm
    Jul 20, 2000 at 4:32 pm
  • I am trying to work my way through Stein and MacEachern but having a few teething troubles. I am following the example code in Chapter 2 faithfully, have build and installed mod_perl (which now ...
    Greg LeidreiterGreg Leidreiter
    Jul 11, 2000 at 11:18 am
    Jul 13, 2000 at 6:42 pm
  • Could you explain the following I have a little script and run it from command line and in mod_perl #!/usr/bin/perl -w use CGI qw(:standard); use File::Tools; print header, start_html, p( ...
    Alexei V. BarantsevAlexei V. Barantsev
    Jul 11, 2000 at 2:46 pm
    Jul 13, 2000 at 5:38 am
  • Any ideas on which is the best book available out there for mod_perl?
    Pramod SokkePramod Sokke
    Jul 11, 2000 at 5:23 pm
    Jul 11, 2000 at 7:01 pm
  • Hi, I remember seen the answer to this some time ago (I may have even asked this myself), but I couldn't find it in the archives. Can anyone remind me why Apache::ASP includes a message body in reply ...
    Dmitry BeranskyDmitry Beransky
    Jul 5, 2000 at 7:45 pm
    Jul 7, 2000 at 9:27 pm
  • Hi! There, I am learning to write a perl module. I saw someone's AFS.pm module, in which, he wrote a AFS.xs file in C. I don'e know what .xs extension means and how to write it? If someone knows it, ...
    Sam XieSam Xie
    Jul 5, 2000 at 10:04 pm
    Jul 7, 2000 at 7:57 am
  • I'm running rh linux 6.2 on a laptop and have tried for sometime to get apache::DBI runnning. modperl wokrs fine with apache but when I add the line PerlModule Apache::DBI to srm.conf, httpd.conf or ...
    Christopher SuarezChristopher Suarez
    Jul 2, 2000 at 11:07 am
    Jul 4, 2000 at 9:01 am
  • Shouldn't DIR_MERGE be called when .htaccess files are found at different levels, e.g: /axkit/.htaccess and /axkit/test/.htaccess I ask for /axkit/test/test.xsp I would have expected it to ask for ...
    Matt SergeantMatt Sergeant
    Jul 4, 2000 at 1:37 pm
    Aug 16, 2000 at 6:35 am
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