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  • I'm having a mime type problem and I wanted to see if someone on the list could help. I think it relates to when the http headers are being written. Here is my setup: I have 2 embperl areas, embperl ...
    Brian BurkeBrian Burke
    Jan 30, 2002 at 6:11 pm
    Feb 6, 2002 at 7:40 pm
  • Gerald (et al), Sorry to have been less than involved so far this year, but I have finally managed some time to complete this little treatise! Presently, my HTML-Embperl architecture consists of Perl ...
    Alan milliganAlan milligan
    Jan 23, 2002 at 12:32 am
    Jan 25, 2002 at 8:17 pm
  • I ask this question only after trying many different attempts to resolve. On my EmbperlObj driven site, apache stalls sometimes, resulting in the spawning of numerous other instances (probably due to ...
    Jarrod StenbergJarrod Stenberg
    Jan 8, 2002 at 7:08 am
    Jan 9, 2002 at 6:09 am
  • I'm running Apache 1.3.20 and mod_perl 1.26 and 2.0b5 Embperl, 2.00b3 Apache SessionX. When my embperl script gets to this: $udat{User_Name} = $fdat{User_Name}; Things hang. The browser keeps on ...
    Scott ChapmanScott Chapman
    Jan 23, 2002 at 11:28 pm
    Jan 28, 2002 at 12:46 pm
  • We have a set of Embperl web pages which have a common backend (perl library) which populates many values in the page dataspace. Is there a way to do cleanup on this other than adding each variable ...
    Ed GrimmEd Grimm
    Jan 10, 2002 at 7:41 pm
    Jan 16, 2002 at 4:39 am
  • I forward your mail to the Embperl mailing list, where the right place for asking such questions is. I currently don't know what's going wrong here, but Randy who creates the ppm packages is ...
    Gerald RichterGerald Richter
    Jan 11, 2002 at 5:29 am
    Jan 15, 2002 at 8:50 pm
  • My interest in the XML/XSLT capabilities of version 2 prompted me to install it on my development server. I just got it going and got it to do transformations. Gadzooks I am thrilled by this. My plan ...
    Jarrod StenbergJarrod Stenberg
    Jan 9, 2002 at 8:19 pm
    Jan 14, 2002 at 3:49 pm
  • a really basic mod_perl usage question: what's the preferred way for multiple embperl pages to include a single instance of data from one file (including apache::dbi handles behind dbix objects ) ? ...
    Joshua SpoerriJoshua Spoerri
    Jan 31, 2002 at 7:32 pm
    Feb 1, 2002 at 4:07 pm
  • I just installed 2.0b5 on remote machine that I have no root access to. it runs Apache/1.3.6 (Unix) with all required by Embperl modules compiled in That leaves me with an option of running ...
    Dimitri OstapenkoDimitri Ostapenko
    Jan 11, 2002 at 6:33 pm
    Jan 15, 2002 at 11:04 pm
  • Hi! I am trying to put a breadcrumbs navigation line on an Embperl web site. Something like this: 'Home / Publications / Papers / UNIX', with a link behind every word but the last one, which ...
    Jochen TopfJochen Topf
    Jan 11, 2002 at 4:19 pm
    Jan 14, 2002 at 6:14 am
  • I'm getting a 404 error when I call and EmbperlObject page. I'm running Apache under WinNT4 SP6. Just got it installed from theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca, including 2.0b5 and SessionX. Here's the error in ...
    Scott ChapmanScott Chapman
    Jan 10, 2002 at 9:39 pm
    Jan 11, 2002 at 3:46 pm
  • I am getting duplicate entries in mysql database using the following and am not sure why. Similar code for deleting and modifying the db work fine. Using most recent versions of ...
    Winfield henryWinfield henry
    Jan 19, 2002 at 7:10 pm
    Jan 21, 2002 at 12:42 pm
  • DBIx::Recordset seems to be a little overzealous when fully-qualifying column names: *set = DBIx::Recordset- Setup({'!DataSource' = 'whirlwind', '!Table' = 'orders', '!LinkName' = 2, '!Fields' = 'id, ...
    Angus LeesAngus Lees
    Jan 2, 2002 at 1:52 am
    Jan 3, 2002 at 6:06 am
  • Hi. I've been trying to execute embperl subs from perl code, and found a couple of oddities. I first tried: Execute({inputfile = 'my file with embperl subs', import = 0}); Execute({sub = ...
    Michael StevensMichael Stevens
    Jan 15, 2002 at 4:13 pm
    Jan 17, 2002 at 1:53 pm
  • If you are running a busy site that stores a fair amount of data, what would the best choice be for session storage? I want to know from people who have applied knowledge of this. I guess theoretical ...
    Jarrod StenbergJarrod Stenberg
    Jan 5, 2002 at 10:35 pm
    Jan 6, 2002 at 9:03 pm
  • Hi, Does anyone know where i could find some examples of how recipes are used. I've looked over the recipes that come with embperl 2, but it doesn't really say how to use them. I've also looked at ...
    Patrick TullyPatrick Tully
    Jan 28, 2002 at 9:10 pm
    Jan 29, 2002 at 4:43 am
  • Hello. I got below error while I am installing embperl 1.3.4 on REDHAT Linux 7. I gave chmod 777 to all files under test directory and it's subdirectories. But still getting this error. Anybody knows ...
    Andrew LimAndrew Lim
    Jan 25, 2002 at 11:09 pm
    Jan 26, 2002 at 1:07 pm
  • I am using Embperl 1.3.4 in production at the moment, and have disabled all debugging output as follows in httpd.conf: PerlSetEnv EMBPERL_LOG /dev/null PerlSetEnv EMBPERL_DEBUG 0 Yet I am noticing an ...
    Neil GuntonNeil Gunton
    Jan 25, 2002 at 7:37 pm
    Jan 25, 2002 at 8:17 pm
  • Hi! I am using Embperl 2.0b5. When sending a HEAD request to the server, I see something like: " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " in the first line instead of the HTTP headers. Then some real content ...
    Jochen TopfJochen Topf
    Jan 24, 2002 at 7:43 pm
    Jan 24, 2002 at 8:53 pm
  • I could have sworn I saw a list of hosts that support Embperl at one point. I didn't see it on the perl.apache.org Embperl site. Did I miss it or was it never there? Aaron ...
    Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnson
    Jan 20, 2002 at 1:34 am
    Jan 20, 2002 at 4:16 am
  • Hi, I would like install HTML-Embperl-1.3.4, but I have problem with make test... Starting httpd... pid = 10497 ok Testing mod_perl mode... #0 ascii... ERR:Forbidden Input: test/html/ascii Output: ...
    Jan 14, 2002 at 4:12 am
    Jan 14, 2002 at 5:28 pm
  • Hi, I'm currently working on an embedded perl component which will sometimes redirect the user to another page. Once it's done this, it has to "exit" to prevent execution of any subsequent code. The ...
    Matthew FreakeMatthew Freake
    Jan 10, 2002 at 6:16 pm
    Jan 11, 2002 at 5:07 am
  • DBD::Sprite doesn't support joins so I am thinking DBIx::Recordset's advanced functionality won't work well with DBD::Sprite. If anyone knows otherwise, please drop me a line. Scott ...
    Scott ChapmanScott Chapman
    Jan 7, 2002 at 4:22 pm
    Jan 8, 2002 at 4:29 am
  • Gerald, XML/XSLT is all a bit new to me, but I am very keen to see what you have done with Embperl. However, I am having some problems building with XALAN, which I downloaded the linux binary dist ...
    Alan milliganAlan milligan
    Jan 7, 2002 at 7:18 pm
    Jan 7, 2002 at 8:10 pm
  • Hello, I am using version 1.3.4. I use EmbperlObj as well. RE: optAddUserSessionToLinks RE: optAddStatusSessionToLinks How do I assign these globally? I could not find the bitmask approach so I don't ...
    Jarrod StenbergJarrod Stenberg
    Jan 5, 2002 at 9:05 pm
    Jan 6, 2002 at 7:27 pm
  • Hi, the fdat empty problem is actually a mod_perl problem with environment variables on windows and the newest Embperl version contains a workaround for it. I am not sure if this problem can occur on ...
    Gerald RichterGerald Richter
    Jan 4, 2002 at 7:55 am
    Jan 4, 2002 at 11:45 am
  • I am attempting to make some previous code more genric and release as a module. This email is a brief summary of what the moudle will do. I currently do all but one or two of these in the product I ...
    Aaron JohnsonAaron Johnson
    Jan 16, 2002 at 10:23 pm
    Jan 16, 2002 at 10:23 pm
  • The URL ftp://ftp.dev.ecos.de/pub/perl/ntlm/Apache-AuthenNTLM-0.11.tar.gz has entered CPAN as file: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GR/GRICHTER/Apache-AuthenNTLM-0.11.tar.gz size: 50288 bytes md5: ...
    Gerald RichterGerald Richter
    Jan 8, 2002 at 5:29 am
    Jan 8, 2002 at 5:29 am
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