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  • I am pleased to announce that Prasad Mujumdar has been elected to the Hive Project Management Committee. Please join me in congratulating Prasad! Thanks. - Carl
    Carl SteinbachCarl Steinbach
    Dec 9, 2014 at 10:18 pm
    Dec 10, 2014 at 7:30 pm
  • Hi, I am using Hive 0.13.1 on Hadoop 2.4.1, I need to automatically load an extra JAR file to hive for UDF, below are my steps to create the UDF function. I have tried the following but still no luck ...
    Arthur Hk ChanArthur Hk Chan
    Dec 30, 2014 at 3:02 am
    Jan 15, 2015 at 7:03 pm
  • hi,i built a hive on spark package and my spark assembly jar is spark-assembly-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-hadoop2.4.0.jar,when i run a query in hive shell,before execute this query, i set all the require which ...
    Dec 2, 2014 at 2:23 am
    Dec 5, 2014 at 3:56 am
  • Hi All, I'm caught up with the error pasted below after trying to use hive transaction feature.I have followed this wiki to set required configuration ...
    Yogendra reddyYogendra reddy
    Dec 1, 2014 at 5:19 am
    Dec 4, 2014 at 6:14 pm
  • Hive is for only structured data or it handles Unstructured data as well ?
    Mohan KrishnaMohan Krishna
    Dec 4, 2014 at 1:22 am
    Dec 6, 2014 at 11:48 am
  • Hi, I am trying to get Tez sessions enabled with HS2. I start the HiveServer2 instance with the flag "-hiveconf hive.execution.engine=tez" and then try to submit multiple queries one after another, ...
    Pala M MuthaiaPala M Muthaia
    Dec 2, 2014 at 9:30 pm
    Dec 22, 2014 at 10:47 pm
  • Hi, I'm trying to use the new concatenate command merge small ORC files and file right away: alter table requests partition(day_ts=1418083200, hour_ts=1418151600) concatenate; Diagnostic Messages for ...
    Daniel HavivDaniel Haviv
    Dec 10, 2014 at 3:55 pm
    Dec 12, 2014 at 10:30 am
  • Hi, I am using hive 0.14 which runs over hbase (having ~10 GB of data). I am facing issues in terms of slowness when querying over Hbase. My query looks like following: select * from table1 where id ...
    Abhishek kumarAbhishek kumar
    Dec 29, 2014 at 4:40 am
    Jan 15, 2015 at 5:21 pm
  • Hi experts, I heard that if I want to use Hive UDFs, I must deploy the jars to all the machines that are running Hive (which is painful to me..) After reading ...
    Xiaoyong ZhuXiaoyong Zhu
    Dec 18, 2014 at 9:27 am
    Dec 19, 2014 at 6:37 am
  • Hi, I am trying to connect to Hive via JDBC client (Java code) but the connection hands forever. The same issue with beeline client also. I did google around and add "auth=noSasl" to my JDBC URL but ...
    Atul Paldhikar (apaldhik)Atul Paldhikar (apaldhik)
    Dec 1, 2014 at 9:53 pm
    Dec 4, 2014 at 1:30 am
  • Hi experts I know that Hive could be run on Tez in a DAG "format" - if I have a complex Hive script which is consisted of several Hive queries, will it be translated to 1 Tez DAG? Or several Tez ...
    Xiaoyong ZhuXiaoyong Zhu
    Dec 16, 2014 at 6:56 am
    Dec 19, 2014 at 6:41 am
  • Dear List, I want to set up a DW based on Hive. However, my data does not come as handy csv files but as binary files in a proprietary format. The binary file consists of - 1 header of a dynamic ...
    Ingo ThonIngo Thon
    Dec 12, 2014 at 7:18 am
    Dec 18, 2014 at 11:18 pm
  • Hi all, We recently created a new Amazon cluster with an installation of GA HDP 2.2 from the Hortonworks website. One of the main reasons we wanted to try this version was to use Hive with Tez with ...
    Kristen HardwickKristen Hardwick
    Dec 15, 2014 at 6:14 pm
    Dec 16, 2014 at 4:44 pm
  • Hi all, I'm using hive0.13.1. I logged in as hcat and started the webhcat server. Now I can get the table info by the restful api. But I’m getting an error "{"error":"User: hcat is not allowed to ...
    Ch WanCh Wan
    Dec 4, 2014 at 4:07 pm
    Dec 9, 2014 at 8:47 am
  • Hi All, I am trying to use the new transaction feature in Hive-0.14. According to its document, every transaction table have a base directory and one delta directory for each transaction in HDFS for ...
    Dec 2, 2014 at 7:15 am
    Dec 3, 2014 at 11:56 pm
  • I tried to update my record in hive previous version and also tried out update in hive 0.14.0. The newer version which support hive. I created a table with 3 buckets with 180 MB. In my warehouse the ...
    Unmesha sreeveniUnmesha sreeveni
    Dec 2, 2014 at 5:23 am
    Dec 3, 2014 at 7:24 am
  • I created a table in hive create table HiveMB (EmployeeID Int,FirstName String,Designation String,Salary Int,Department String) clustered by (Department) into 3 buckets stored as orc TBLPROPERTIES ...
    Unmesha sreeveniUnmesha sreeveni
    Dec 1, 2014 at 5:01 am
    Dec 1, 2014 at 6:50 am
  • With 0.14 is it possible to use the INSERT...VALUES statement to insert data into a table with complex types like arrays, maps, etc? We will never be loading data from a file which is why I ask.
    Skyler BeckmanSkyler Beckman
    Dec 17, 2014 at 6:01 pm
    Jan 6, 2015 at 1:07 am
  • Hello everybody. I have a problem when using ORC file format in Hive 0.13. I have built Hive 0.13 with Hadoop 0.20. when creating a table using ORC format it is OK, but when trying to add some lines ...
    Dec 10, 2014 at 10:29 am
    Dec 26, 2014 at 9:37 am
  • Hi, I have imported Hive0.14 into Eclipse following instructions in "Hive Developer FAQ". My hadoop version is 2.5.0, so I specified "-Phadoop-2" in the commands. When I run it through CliDriver, ...
    Dec 21, 2014 at 10:13 am
    Dec 23, 2014 at 2:55 am
  • Hi, I'm executing an insert statement that goes over 1TB of data. The map phase goes well but the reduce stage only used one reducer which becomes a great bottleneck. I've tried to set the number of ...
    Daniel HavivDaniel Haviv
    Dec 6, 2014 at 2:27 pm
    Dec 7, 2014 at 7:19 am
  • I am running Hive 0.12 in production, I have a table that ha 1100 partitions, (flat, no multi level partitions) and in those partitions some have a small number of files (5- 10) and others have quite ...
    John OmernikJohn Omernik
    Dec 2, 2014 at 5:26 pm
    Dec 2, 2014 at 8:05 pm
  • Hi, In Hive 0.14, I have written custom UDF to concat two strings by checking "null" string. This is my code. package org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.udf; import org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.UDF; public ...
    Dec 24, 2014 at 2:57 pm
    Jan 2, 2015 at 10:32 pm
  • Hello everyone, Is there any way to figure out query associated with the application id when using tez as the execution engine ? Thanks
    P lvaP lva
    Dec 29, 2014 at 8:16 pm
    Dec 30, 2014 at 1:55 pm
  • Hello,I am working for a Telecommunicaton Service Provider Company,So I can access the view logs of different users from a specific area.Now I want to query the top 1000 PV sites.I wrote a UDF ...
    Dec 8, 2014 at 5:13 am
    Dec 29, 2014 at 8:17 pm
  • Hello, I tried searching for this in the mailing list archive but could not find an answer. I want to get the row counts from multiple tables, something along the lines of select ...
    Sarma TangiralaSarma Tangirala
    Dec 28, 2014 at 9:54 am
    Dec 28, 2014 at 10:20 am
  • Hi -- I got the destination table with partition on columns that are not in the source table and get this error when attempting to do an INSERT OVERWRITE, how to go about fixing this? Thanks: SET ...
    Buntu DevBuntu Dev
    Dec 22, 2014 at 7:08 pm
    Dec 22, 2014 at 10:41 pm
  • Hi, How can we match a date value like *2014-Dec-20* in unix_timestamp()? The pattern *yyyy-MM-dd* matches 2014-12-20 format. But yyyy-mmm-dd or yyyy-m-dd is not doing the trick for matching the ...
    Thimuth AmarakoonThimuth Amarakoon
    Dec 21, 2014 at 3:37 am
    Dec 21, 2014 at 11:33 am
  • Hi, I have created a udf which accepts geo location points as arguments and return the name of location fetching from a url. I have to set this URL dynamically at the time of hive script run. I don't ...
    Dilip AgarwalDilip Agarwal
    Dec 19, 2014 at 8:56 am
    Dec 19, 2014 at 9:26 am
  • Hi, I am trying to create table for a text file who has a row delimiter other than new line character. I know hive create table does not support anything other than new line. I have columns where in ...
    Gayathri SwaroopGayathri Swaroop
    Dec 17, 2014 at 9:22 pm
    Dec 18, 2014 at 10:14 am
  • Hi, I have oracle query which i want to hit against a hive table. The oracle query has a case if exists select would this work in hive? This is my oracle query that needs to be converted to hive ...
    Gayathri SwaroopGayathri Swaroop
    Dec 16, 2014 at 4:40 pm
    Dec 16, 2014 at 5:11 pm
  • I am a newbie to hive. I am trying to query an oracle table in hive. The data is in hadoop and i have created similar varchar columns in my external table. Would like to know what are the limitations ...
    Gayathri SwaroopGayathri Swaroop
    Dec 15, 2014 at 5:48 pm
    Dec 15, 2014 at 7:10 pm
  • Hi, I am seeing a bunch of "ALTER TABLE" commands running on my hive metastore (MySQL / MariaDB) and it happens whenever I run the Hive CLI. Why would running a Hive CLI issue ALTER TABLE commands ? ...
    Viral BajariaViral Bajaria
    Dec 5, 2014 at 12:04 am
    Dec 8, 2014 at 7:30 am
  • Hi, I have been running into 2 issues with dynamic partitioning queries. The query runs fine and I get errors like: *Failed with exception MetaException(message:javax.jdo.JDODataStoreException ...
    Viral BajariaViral Bajaria
    Dec 1, 2014 at 10:48 pm
    Dec 2, 2014 at 3:42 am
  • Hi, While I haven’t upgraded to HDP 2.2, I have to ask if the transaction processing introduced in 14 has been tested at scale in terms of both users, and data size? I am curious as to what happens ...
    Michael SegelMichael Segel
    Dec 11, 2014 at 11:23 am
    Jan 6, 2015 at 1:18 am
  • Hi, all I am trying to load pig output from Hive as an external table, and currently stuck with that Hive always set the number of mappers to 1, though it has more than 10 million records and is ...
    Dec 24, 2014 at 9:30 am
    Dec 29, 2014 at 1:02 am
  • Hi, Please help! I am using hiveserver2 on HIVE 0.13 on Hadoop 2.4.1, also nexr-hive-udf-0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar I can run query from CLI, e.g. hive SELECT add_months(sysdate(), +12) FROM DUAL; Execution ...
    Arthur Hk ChanArthur Hk Chan
    Dec 17, 2014 at 9:24 am
    Dec 17, 2014 at 9:53 am
  • hi,all i will write a wiki docs about how to install and deploy hive on spark,and hope to get access to hive wiki,and my Confluence usename is yuemeng1.
    Dec 12, 2014 at 9:34 am
    Dec 12, 2014 at 11:31 am
  • Hi Guys, Do you know of any web based jdbc enabled sql viewers ? Peter
    Dec 11, 2014 at 1:55 pm
    Dec 11, 2014 at 2:02 pm
  • Hi everyone, when running Hive on Tez, a Tez session is alive within the Hive CLI until I leave the CLI. So if I run on the terminal something like "hive -f query.sql", once the query is completed ...
    Dec 9, 2014 at 6:10 am
    Dec 9, 2014 at 7:30 am
  • I have a problem that inserting data from external table to managed table. I already have done just 'limit 10' with below hql but can't all data. I have the error just like '# of failed Map Tasks ...
    Jihyun SuhJihyun Suh
    Dec 5, 2014 at 12:10 am
    Dec 5, 2014 at 10:46 am
  • Hi Team, I am creating this table: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS orctest2 ( id string, id2 string, id3 string, id4 string ) STORED AS ORC tblproperties ...
    Jim GreenJim Green
    Dec 3, 2014 at 2:37 am
    Dec 4, 2014 at 12:10 am
  • I’m anticipating using UPDATE statements in Hive 0.14. In my use case, I may need to perform 30 or so updates at a time. Will each UPDATE result in an MR job doing a full partition scan? Brian
    Brian JeltemaBrian Jeltema
    Dec 3, 2014 at 7:03 pm
    Dec 3, 2014 at 11:55 pm
  • Hi User, I want to know the difference of query execution time in hive if I use SSD for HDFS and HDD for HDFS. Thanks, Amit
    Amit BeheraAmit Behera
    Dec 2, 2014 at 6:40 pm
    Dec 3, 2014 at 10:20 pm
  • Sri kripaSri kripa
    Dec 3, 2014 at 6:03 am
    Dec 3, 2014 at 10:43 am
  • Hi, I have a bash script that runs a hive query and I would like it to do something if the query succeeds and something else if it fails. My testings show that a query failure does not change Hive's ...
    Daniel HavivDaniel Haviv
    Dec 2, 2014 at 6:17 pm
    Dec 2, 2014 at 9:01 pm
  • i get a spark-1.1.0-bin-hadoop2.4 from(http://ec2-50-18-79-139.us-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com/data/) and replace the Spark 1.2.x assembly with ...
    Dec 2, 2014 at 3:59 am
    Dec 2, 2014 at 5:36 am
  • I want to get job plan and job info when i submit a query , In hiveserver2 or any other way ,what's is the best way ? TKS
    Dec 30, 2014 at 7:50 am
    Dec 30, 2014 at 7:50 am
  • I posted a question on Stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27695051/querying-hiveql-rows-based-on-json-dictionary-string-value Basically, I want to be able to query a specific row based ...
    Bradford liBradford li
    Dec 29, 2014 at 8:47 pm
    Dec 29, 2014 at 8:47 pm
  • I build hive with hive-spark trunk . Then I switch hive execution engine to spark. set spark.home=/home/realityload/spark-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT; set hive.execution.engine=spark; set ...
    Yin, Fangxi (Pierre)Yin, Fangxi (Pierre)
    Dec 25, 2014 at 3:32 am
    Dec 25, 2014 at 3:32 am
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