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  • Friends, I'd like to start a debate, which perhaps has already taken place, but if so I don't recall it: Should we stop analyzing tables and indexes? Let me clarify: I've always told people that ...
    Mogens NørgaardMogens Nørgaard
    Dec 30, 2003 at 10:34 am
    Dec 31, 2003 at 8:29 pm
  • http://www.dbazine.com/burleson18.shtml -- Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ: http://www.orafaq.net -- Author: INET: Jared.Still_at_radisys.com Fat City Network Services -- 858-538-5051 ...
    Dec 4, 2003 at 7:54 pm
    Dec 16, 2003 at 3:54 pm
  • As an applications analyst/junior dba, I feel I need to learn more but I'm not sure of the direction I should take, so I'm asking for advice. Should I become interested in Oracle Apps? Or should I ...
    Saira Somani-MendelinSaira Somani-Mendelin
    Dec 17, 2003 at 5:44 pm
    Dec 18, 2003 at 6:44 pm
  • Hi: I am reading some statspack reports from our 8173 DB (on Sun Solaris) and found some of "Dictionary Cache Stats" are pretty high (much higher than 2%). I notice that "Pct Get Miss" for ...
    Guang MeiGuang Mei
    Dec 8, 2003 at 5:39 pm
    Dec 10, 2003 at 7:29 pm
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    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" I've read a lot about PERL on this list. And, I am wondering what can you do with PERL that you cannot do with SQL*Plus, PL/SQL or Unix ...
    Dec 8, 2003 at 3:34 am
    Dec 10, 2003 at 3:44 pm
  • The software engineers here are using an application server with connection pooling to connect to our oracle instances. They are doing it with a dedicated connection to Oracle. No MTS. they ...
    Dec 15, 2003 at 12:59 pm
    Dec 27, 2003 at 5:19 pm
  • Folks, I thought it'd be interesting to take a survey on what techniques and frameworks DBA's on this list use to manage their Oracle databases. I imagine that some of us manage only a single ...
    Dec 5, 2003 at 6:49 pm
    Dec 9, 2003 at 8:19 pm
  • I need a java package that will allow me to run OS commands(Unix) from a stored procedure. Anyone got one? -- Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ: http://www.orafaq.net -- Author: John Dunn INET ...
    John DunnJohn Dunn
    Dec 4, 2003 at 1:49 pm
    Dec 5, 2003 at 3:09 pm
  • Hi, Gregory, I only have access to Oracle 9.2 on my laptop. Here's my test. I have ORCL and AUX1 databases, the latter created by RMAN DUPLICATE some time ago. I logon AUX1 as SYSTEM. Set SYSTEM ...
    Yong HuangYong Huang
    Dec 22, 2003 at 4:29 pm
    Dec 23, 2003 at 11:09 pm
  • I know only of Pete Sharman. Who are other Oracle Certified Masters on this group? I suspect Tanel to be one, as well as Steve Adams, Cary Millsap, Mogens Norgaard, Anjo Kolk, Wolfgang Breitling, ...
    Mladen GogalaMladen Gogala
    Dec 11, 2003 at 8:54 pm
    Dec 14, 2003 at 7:29 pm
  • <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" Little competition for you all :) It's a two part question: What's wrong with the following piece of expert analysis ? Which well know ...
    Richard FooteRichard Foote
    Dec 11, 2003 at 11:39 am
    Dec 11, 2003 at 5:19 pm
  • Oracle is posting healthy profits. http://www.informationweek.com/story/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=16700686 Dennis Williams DBA Lifetouch, Inc. dwilliams_at_lifetouch.com -- Please see the official ...
    Dec 16, 2003 at 1:59 pm
    Dec 16, 2003 at 7:14 pm
  • Hi All, can any one let me know kindly the following info. Has any one used the Oracle 9i Data Guard? If yes then, is there any performance impact on Target/Source server database. any drawbacks ...
    Nalla RaviNalla Ravi
    Dec 8, 2003 at 2:49 pm
    Dec 13, 2003 at 12:34 am
  • Has anyone actually installed Oracle on Fedora? I don't want to be the first one. Mladen Gogala Oracle DBA -- Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ: http://www.orafaq.net -- Author: Mladen Gogala ...
    Mladen GogalaMladen Gogala
    Dec 12, 2003 at 8:19 pm
    Dec 15, 2003 at 2:19 pm
  • Hi all: Someone told me that Oracle is planning to retire char variable and therefore they need to be replaced by varchar2. Has anyone heard anything about it? thanks Gene
    Gene GurevichGene Gurevich
    Dec 10, 2003 at 4:09 pm
    Dec 11, 2003 at 3:59 am
  • I've just bought a new Windows XP machine, Got all the latest downloads on the O/S. Installed a firewall. Got Norton Anti-virus loaded and up to date. Which bit of code is stopping me from getting to ...
    Jonathan LewisJonathan Lewis
    Dec 2, 2003 at 7:54 pm
    Dec 4, 2003 at 1:49 pm
  • I need to do a refresh of a test database using production data. We use import for this. In the past we have always dropped the schemas (4 or 5), recreated the schemas, and then did a full import ...
    Smith, Ron L.Smith, Ron L.
    Dec 16, 2003 at 2:54 pm
    Dec 16, 2003 at 5:34 pm
  • <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN" Exporting a partition with transport tablespace Hi list, is it possible to export a partition with the transportable tablespace feature ? My partition ...
    NGUYEN Philippe (Cetelem)NGUYEN Philippe (Cetelem)
    Dec 22, 2003 at 3:34 pm
    Dec 29, 2003 at 7:19 pm
  • We have a new manager that wants his group to use OEM for development access, as an alternative to Toad. He has requested a special Oracle userid with the following grants: SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE SELECT ...
    Dec 18, 2003 at 1:24 pm
    Dec 21, 2003 at 5:14 am
  • Hi All, We've been asked a question from one of our clients that I'm a little stumped on. They run an OLTP database (Oracle 8.1.7), and have recently upgraded their NT machine to Windows 2000, they ...
    Mark LeithMark Leith
    Dec 10, 2003 at 9:04 am
    Dec 17, 2003 at 12:34 pm
  • All, Is a '.' in the Oracle username legal in 8.1.7? I can create an account as follows: SQL CREATE USER "PETER.LEE" idenfied by password; SQL GRANT DBA TO "PETER.LEE" SQL CONN ...
    Lee, Peter (AZ15)Lee, Peter (AZ15)
    Dec 15, 2003 at 3:49 pm
    Dec 15, 2003 at 7:54 pm
  • Hi, my question is about the same, but more general. How can i force Oracle to use my prefered way of explain plan and not use CBO's. I mean, apart from stored outlines, it somehow seems to ...
    Wartiak RastislavWartiak Rastislav
    Dec 2, 2003 at 8:44 am
    Dec 5, 2003 at 9:34 pm
  • So, I saw on SlashDot (http://www.slashdot.org/) a story about a guy who has over 100 different implementations of the Towers of Hanoi solution, each in a different language. Since he didn't have one ...
    Bobak, MarkBobak, Mark
    Dec 8, 2003 at 9:19 pm
    Dec 10, 2003 at 2:09 pm
  • I have a function like below (psudo code). If cursor cur1 have multiple rows, would the code leave the cursor open when this function is called? So if this function is called 1000 times, I would have ...
    Guang MeiGuang Mei
    Dec 28, 2003 at 3:54 pm
    Dec 30, 2003 at 8:24 pm
  • Just thought I would share my hit ratio with y'all. LOGICAL I/O PHYSICAL I/O BLOCK HIT USERNAME SID OS USER PROCESS BLOCKS BLOCKS CHANGES RATIO ---------- ------ -------------------- --------- ...
    Dec 20, 2003 at 2:49 am
    Dec 23, 2003 at 8:04 pm
  • Hello Everyone, I am trying to get some help/suggestions reg. how to troubleshoot performance issues. Little back ground about our environment. Its third party application (Logician) from GE. There ...
    Dec 11, 2003 at 6:34 pm
    Dec 14, 2003 at 5:14 am
  • Recently our database manager has asked us to do the unthinkable.... document our databases! To make matters worse, and without our input, he went ahead and created a schema and put it in an Access ...
    Dec 9, 2003 at 10:49 pm
    Dec 11, 2003 at 4:14 am
  • <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" Message Goal: To restore the database from RMAN backup on a different server by means of moving the backup pieces and logs over to the ...
    Spears, BrianSpears, Brian
    Dec 5, 2003 at 10:14 pm
    Dec 8, 2003 at 7:24 pm
  • Is there any way to decrease the initial extent allocated to a table. It is one of the system tables, so I do not want to drop and recreate it. I can not export/import as it appear in noexp$. It has ...
    Yechiel AdarYechiel Adar
    Dec 3, 2003 at 6:09 pm
    Dec 4, 2003 at 3:29 pm
  • [This message is not technical, but educational. Readers interested in technical info only may want to skip] Hi, Cary and Gopal, My last message is misunderstood. Nowadays most DBAs that still use ...
    Yong HuangYong Huang
    Dec 24, 2003 at 5:09 pm
    Dec 30, 2003 at 1:24 am
  • <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN" STATSPACK interpretation We recently experienced a crash on our prod datewarehouse running on AIX 4.3.3. The cause of the crash was 4031 ...
    Thomas JeffThomas Jeff
    Dec 22, 2003 at 8:39 pm
    Dec 24, 2003 at 7:04 am
  • <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN" Delete vs. truncate to free up spaces. I am using delete command to delete million records in several tables to free up space in tablespace. I ...
    Nguyen, David MNguyen, David M
    Dec 22, 2003 at 10:29 pm
    Dec 23, 2003 at 2:44 pm
  • <!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:"Trebuchet MS"; panose-1:2 11 6 3 2 2 2 2 2 4;} /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {margin:0in ...
    QuijadaReina, Julio CQuijadaReina, Julio C
    Dec 17, 2003 at 7:19 pm
    Dec 19, 2003 at 5:24 pm
  • Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Yup, I managed to pass it in december 2002 and I'd say it has been quite useful for an unknown consultant from nowhere like me. But I agree ...
    Tanel PoderTanel Poder
    Dec 11, 2003 at 9:19 pm
    Dec 17, 2003 at 7:24 pm
  • Hello, Our company would like to know whether or not Oracle supports true 24x7x365 availability for an oltp database. We currently are using the 8.1.7 enterprise edition. Does an architecture exist ...
    Tracy RahmlowTracy Rahmlow
    Dec 10, 2003 at 4:44 pm
    Dec 13, 2003 at 4:49 pm
  • <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" extreme parallelism:-) A share-nothing architecture. and some specific software that takes advantage of a hardware configuration.. It's ...
    Loughmiller, GregLoughmiller, Greg
    Dec 12, 2003 at 3:29 pm
    Dec 12, 2003 at 6:59 pm
  • Hi, list friends: We are using partition to archive history data in our production OLTP database. We get great performance gains(Far less disk io), but we also hit performance trouble sometimes. So I ...
    Zhu chaoZhu chao
    Dec 2, 2003 at 6:34 am
    Dec 9, 2003 at 4:09 am
  • <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" Message 1 database instance, 2 nearly identical schemas. What's the best sanctioned way to copy stats, (including histograms), from one ...
    Orr, SteveOrr, Steve
    Dec 2, 2003 at 10:39 pm
    Dec 8, 2003 at 3:29 pm
  • Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" While playing around with SQL for some PGA scripts, I managed to create some SQL that will consistently cause ORA-600 [kkqwrm_noref: COLFDNF set] This ...
    Dec 5, 2003 at 12:29 am
    Dec 5, 2003 at 6:04 pm
  • Hi, friends: Several months ago there is a thread talking about choosing the proper memory size for windows server running oracle. And today I logon to one of my small oracle on NT and found ...
    Zhu chaoZhu chao
    Dec 4, 2003 at 1:24 pm
    Dec 5, 2003 at 1:54 pm
  • Reading Cary's book I understand that c and e are measured via different system calls (haven't truss'ed [well tusc'ed] them yet - I am on HP-UX 11.11), but would anybody know what the reasonable ...
    Boris DaliBoris Dali
    Dec 2, 2003 at 8:49 pm
    Dec 4, 2003 at 1:54 pm
  • Does anyone know which patch level of 8i includes the dbmssupp.sql and .plb files? I have databases here that are at, but the files are not there. 9i has them, but none of the 8i databases ...
    Dec 2, 2003 at 10:19 pm
    Dec 4, 2003 at 12:19 pm
  • CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME is FALSE. This is an Oracle Apps R11 install. Hemant At 05:29 AM 30-11-03 -0800, you wrote: What's the value for your cursor_space_for_time parameter? Â Tanel. Â ----- Original ...
    Hemant K ChitaleHemant K Chitale
    Dec 1, 2003 at 3:14 pm
    Dec 2, 2003 at 8:34 pm
  • Hi All, I have two databases of small size running on a Win2k Server. One is production and the second one test. I would like to delete the test database in an automated way (run a script say every ...
    QuijadaReina, Julio CQuijadaReina, Julio C
    Dec 30, 2003 at 4:54 pm
    Dec 31, 2003 at 1:39 pm
  • Dear : All First and foremost, if i ask stupid question pls forgive me coz i new to oralce. I have a question here. I have a server, and this server contains 5 oracle database. Each database contains ...
    Kean JacintaKean Jacinta
    Dec 24, 2003 at 1:49 am
    Dec 27, 2003 at 12:39 am
  • i dont think many people are using bchr anymore. I think its been talked down to death. only place I hear about it is offshore. people still using the old niemic book. his new took all that stuff ...
    Dec 22, 2003 at 7:49 pm
    Dec 24, 2003 at 12:49 am
  • <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN" Unreadable time_stamp format I need to view time_stamp column in USER_ACTIVITY_LOG table but it displays unreadable format as shown below. Is there a ...
    Nguyen, David MNguyen, David M
    Dec 16, 2003 at 9:39 pm
    Dec 17, 2003 at 5:44 pm
  • Hi Gurus, I have accidentally deleted my table in development env. RMAN is the only backup available here. How do i recover the droped table? Any help would be really appreciated. TIA -- Please see ...
    Dec 12, 2003 at 4:14 pm
    Dec 12, 2003 at 8:09 pm
  • Anyone know what might be causing this error? Oracle 8.1.7 on Solaris. background process "LGWR" did not start -- Please see the official ORACLE-L FAQ: http://www.orafaq.net -- Author: John Dunn ...
    John DunnJohn Dunn
    Dec 4, 2003 at 2:34 pm
    Dec 7, 2003 at 8:24 pm
  • List, I would like to know whether my database is running on shared server (MTS) or dedicated server mode ? How do i find it out ? it's oracle on Win2k. Regards, Jp. -- Please see the ...
    Prem Khanna JPrem Khanna J
    Dec 2, 2003 at 4:19 am
    Dec 3, 2003 at 4:49 am
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