The Fulcrum Parser team is pleased to announce the fulcrum-parser-1.0.2

Fulcrum Parser Service is a component to support parsing of parameters
out of different sources such as CSV files, Cookies, Servlet Requests etc.

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o Added getBooleans() and getBooleanObjects() to the ValueParser to
provide a "more orthogonal" interface.
o Made ValueParser and BaseValueParser locale-aware. Note that the
default locale used is always the default value of the JVM which is
different from the previous behaviour where the locale used was
sometimes Locale.US (for float, double and BigDecimal) and sometimes
the JVM-default (for dates).
o Add javabean get/set for dependent upload service to
o Basic unit test verifying that the default parser starts up.
o Change to commons-logger to be more friendly to who ever uses this
o Removed use of old Log4j Category in favor of Logger.
o Make gump friendly.
o Initial conversion to Avalon component.

o Removed the dependency on commons-logging.
o Important change: The BaseValueParser now consistently returns null
for all get-methods that return an Object, if the parameter name does
not exist.
This changes the behaviour of getBigDecimal which used to return 0 in
this case.
o Totally refactored the component to provide correctly initialized
parser objects. Issue: TRB-39.
o Port parser fixes of Turbine 2.3.2 over to the component. Issue:
TRB-32. Thanks to Jürgen Hofmann.

Have fun!
-Fulcrum Parser team

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