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I have successfull installed and been running Tomcat on my dev machine
(Windows 7) and on a test server (Windows 2008 R2), but with a small problem
akin to the one described in bug #49161:

This bug also applies to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (I would guess
any Windows machine with UAC turned on), as well as to the
"bin/tomcat6w" executable (while "bin/tomcat6" has no problem starting, even
without administrator privileges).

After initial setup, when I log on to my machine, I see an error telling me
that the Tomcat6 service could not be found. It is an access control
problem: the Commons Daemon Service Manager doesn't have access to the
service. This can be solved by going to tomcat6w.exe's Properties to tell
Windows to execute it with Administrator privileges, but then I get a
warning that the file is not signed, and therefore I am prompted to confirm
that I do want to execute it. This prevents me from automatically starting
the Service Manager at logon.

Since the service itself doesn't seem to bother Windows all that much (I
have seen no UAC prompt after initial setup), have I missed anything? Of
course, I would rather not have to disable UAC.

Might this be because of the slightly off description of the exe? The box
"Properties > General > Details > Copyright" seems wrong, the year doesn't
display correctly. I can send screenshots if anyone asks.

Oh yes, my Commons Daemon Service Manager is version

Thanks for your help,

Guillaume Rossolini

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