Today I wanted to update one of my r-forge packages (optimx) and when I ran the usual

R CMD check optimx

I got all sorts of odd errors with Latex (and a very slow R CMD check). I thought I had
managed to damage the Rd file, which indeed I had changed. Since I recently started using
Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) but had kept an alternative boot on a separate disk to 8.04 (Hardy).
On reboot, the R CMD check worked fine. I thought that maybe I needed to reinstall
pdflatex, which turns out to be part of some of the tetex packages. Since fonts seemed to
be at the heart of my problem, I installed tetex-bin, and problems went away.

I'm not sure how this sort of glitch should be documented, but thought at least a mention
here might help some others.


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