Hi all,
I?m trying to get a python library (mitmproxy/libmproxy) running on OpenWRT (https://openwrt.org/) on a router with a MIPS CPU. mitmproxy depends on cryptography, and I?m getting stuck trying to cross-compile cryptography for MIPS using the OpenWRT SDK.

I have the cross compiler set up and have cross compiled a few python libraries with c code so I know that works (following http://whatschrisdoing.com/blog/2009/10/16/cross-compiling-python-extensions/). The issue I?m having seems to be with cffi? it?s cross-compiling the c code from cryptography, but then it tries to load that and execute it on the build machine which throws a cffi.ffiplatform.VerificationError complaining ?wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32? Of course it can?t run the code that was compiled for another architecture, but is there any way around this? There is no native compiler available for OpenWRT, so cross-compiling seems necessary.

Any ideas?

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