We are pleased to announce the release of psqlODBC 09.00.0200.
This version contains a number of bug fixes:

* Fix a bug relating to sizeof() with idx_fake_oid.
* Return 0 for the column size when the size of numeric items are unknown.
Also improve the calculation of scale of numeric items when it is not
explicitly specified.
Change to use 'if' instead of an inappropriate 'else if' at cursor of convert.
* Remember to set permanent flag to holdable cursors on commit with no preceding
rollback (to savepoint) operations. This fixes a crash bug in case of
cursor operations
across transaction.
* Fix a bug with the handling of the SQL_RETRIEVE_DATA option.(Per
report by Andreas).
* Fix cursor bug introduced by the previous change.(Per report by Andreas).
* Move the setting of folder name of libpq and gssapi related dlls
from .wxs file to .bat file.
* Fix a bug which returns incorrect values for SQL_DATETIME_SUB.

psqlODBC may be downloaded from
http://www.postgresql.org/ftp/odbc/versions/ in source, Windows
Installer, merge module, and basic zip file formats.

Please post any bug reports to the pgsql-odbc@postgresql.org mailing list.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved with the
development, testing and bug fixing of the updated driver.

psqlODBC team.

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