I didn't understand how to insert a password into pg_dump command line.

So I write this steps for insert password on pg_dump.

1) Connect to postgres user
[root@]# su - postgres

2) Create a .pgpass file
Bash$ vi .pgpass
( it contains a single line like
http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.2/interactive/libpq-pgpass.html mention it)

Bash$ chmod 600 .pgpass
(also I change this file to being used by postgres, with chown
postgres.postgres .pgpass, I don't know if it works with root)

3) The postgres dump command line
Bash$ /usr/bin/pg_dump database > /var/lib/pgsql/backups/bkup.sql

For finish the test, I will put the line into a crontab or script.

But is the same for pg_dumpall? Or I need to create another line into
.pgpass file? I'll try.


Lic. Erick Ruiz Rojas

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