I thought they were joking, but my co-workers have started using the
--i-am-a-dummy command line flag on MySQL's SQL shell.

"A useful startup option for beginners is --safe-mode (or
--i-am-a-dummy for users that has [sic] at some time done a DELETE
FROM table_name but forgot the WHERE clause."

It would be interesting if Perl had something similar. Its a
different flavor than the usual strict and warnings, which are geared
towards more experienced users and in general don't restrict
functionality. use warnings qw(beginner); (aka Ima::Dummy) would try
to save new users from themselves. Perhaps warning on things like
loops going beyond a million iterations.

The beginnings of this sort of thing can be seen in the Dunce::Files
module and Simon's proposed Safety::First.

Just throwing it out into the collective consciousness, haven't
thought it through very far yet.


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