I was just sitting here thinking over all these issues and making
various responses (as well as adjustments to my mental model for RFC
106 v2).

With the radical proposal of eliminating dynamic variables that RFC
106 includes (as an option! Don't get excited; read the RFC first!),
I've demonstrated to myself, at least, that Perl can be written
without dynamic variables at all (especially if you allow the ability
to use dynamic assignment (also known as the "local" operator, which
it doesn't)). I was pondering doing something formal like a
blood-oath or something to declare that I would never use a dynamic
variable again when it suddenly dawned on me that it would be Really
Cool if I could get perl to enforce this for me (I've never been very
good keeping oaths, or diets, or New Years' Resolutions, etc.; I guess
I'm just Lazy. :) And thus was born the idea for a new option for
the strict pragma:

use strict 'no-dynamic-vars';

Or whatever. Look for it in the upcoming RFC 106 v2. (Seems like any
idea that the RFC author called "optional" could be supported with a
pragma, come to think of it. :)

J. David

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