I've seen a couple of post about this (the main one from 2 years ago) but
no solution. I'll put my temporary solution below after my

PROBLEM: I want my phone to automatically turn on bluetooth (simple, of
course) and then connect with my bluetooth media receiver (this is the hard
part) when I initiate a specific task to do so. Headsets and Car Bluetooth
pairings happen automatically of course, because when you turn them on,
they automatically initiate connecting with your phone if your phone
bluetooth is on. However, most media only bluetooth devices such as the
media receiver I'm using DON'T initiate the connection - your phone has to
initiate the connection. (This makes sense because who would want their
phone to just automatically hook up to their surround sound system
everytime they had their bluetooth active.) This is done manually by going
into settings, selecting bluetooth, finding the media device you want to
connect to and selecting it. The phone then initiates the connection and
you're all set. But I want Tasker to automate this process.

All I can find in Tasker is a way to turn on bluetooth (obviously) and also
things related to the state of bluetooth. But I can't see anyway to have
bluetooth initiate connecting to a specific device that has been paired
with my phone. Is this not something Tasker can do yet?

For those interested, I did come up with a quasi-solution. The problem is
that it only works with phones that have D-pads (I'm assuming, since I
don't think D-pad action works if your phone doesn't actually have a D-pad):
1) Have Tasker open Bluetooth Settings
2) Use the D-pad action to go down to the device you want to connect to (in
my phone at least the devices are in a set order and don't change)
3) Use the D-pad action to "press" on the device to connect
Basically, you're just using Tasker to simulate via the D-pad what you
would do to manually connect.

I see this as only a temporary solution because I don't think this will
work on phones without D-pads and I don't think any new phones have them
anymore. And I'm gonna be upgrading my phone soon. So hopefully there is
another way or perhaps this is a feature Pent can add in....

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  • V Oz at May 23, 2012 at 5:34 pm
    D-pad actions work on dpadless phones too. So, You can relax with it. To
    increase speed of key press emulating You can use "input keyevent XX" in
    shell cycle using Run Shell action instead D-pad series.

    about the subject .... I think it's more real to find intents for Bluetooth
    application that used to connect to devices then insert Your feature into
    TODO list :)
  • Ada at Jun 20, 2012 at 1:19 pm
    I think Takser should be able to do it. I don't know how but at least one
    app can: A2DP Volume :
    This functionality is there as "option" by the way :) (...you can connect
    to second specific bluetooth device when phone connects to first ddevice
    (ac adapter, other bt device, ...)
    It is even open source so there is code for this for sure. I think it scan
    paired devices and then you can select specific device - then it
    shows/store its MAC address ...

    So? You can use this app with tasker side by side, or dig the source code
    and send it to someone in Tasker (and LLama too ;) ...

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