Hi all,
I am struggling to create a CDH cluster on EC2 via the new express
installation wizard.

I am following the steps described here :

Everything seems to progress smoothly up to the 6th panel "Provisioning
requested instances".
The progress bar moves up to around 50% and a message says :
"Preparing SSH credentials for the new instances..." but nothing seems to
be moving anymore.

This is when I let CM generate the key pair for the host but I also tried
to upload my own RSA private key in pem format but in that case I got the
following error:

request POST https://ec2.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/ HTTP/1.1 failed with code 400,
error: AWSError{requestId='6158a5b3-4911-4021-b957-3829971434aa',
requestToken='null', code='RulesPerSecurityGroupLimitExceeded',
message='The maximum number of rules per security group has been reached.',
context='{Response=, Errors=}'}

When I look in the security group, I can see a newly created jclouds#cloudera-cdh group with 12 inbound rules.

Any idea where I should look from now ?

Many thanks for your help,

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