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I just returned from traveling, so I have some time to work with
Turbine. I
noticed that the HibernateService was removed from Fulcrum (due to the
licensing issues) and it hopefully will find a home, however that hasn't
happened. However, Chris Chew and I corresponded on using Hibernate, so I
am going to try and put up a page on the Wiki about my lessons
learned with
Hibernate and Turbine.
Is there a lot of other interest in using the HibernateService by other
people? I am wondering whether I should try and pursue the goal of making
Hibernate (and OJB) coexists in all the locations where Turbine
uses Torque.
Or just write my own services etc..
We have started using Hibernate on our current project and are quite happy
with it.

We actually removed all dependencies on torque by using the Passive Security
Service (We are going to roll our own) and disabling the Scheduler service.
It seems like rewriting these with Hibernate Implementations would be pretty
straight forward.

What would not be straight forward, but probably the best way to go, is a
generic persistence interface that could be implemented with torque and
hibernate. The Security and Scheduler services should then use the
PersistenceService, and switching OR Mapping tools would be a matter of one
line in the config file.

While it might be too much to ask to have an all-encompassing
PersistenceService Interface, I think it is possible if we limit its scope
to the persistence tasks needed by the two db-dependent services currently
in Turbine.

Eric, please drop me a note when you have the page up and I will add our


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