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My changes to the IntakeService seems to have moved from a wee cleanup to a
wee rework, introducing an abstract class for numbers supporting all
primitive types and more use of inheritance where needed. I could post the
UML diagram for the validator package but this will probably get rejected by
mailList right? Anyone want to receive this drop me a line, would be good to
get some feedback before I attempt to post diffs for checkin.

This exercise has certainly enhanced my understanding of the service!

I'm rounding off a few tests and stumbled across the following.

1. The required-message element has been decrepcated (Did this ever work??)
and replaced by a rule. I take the rule should be something like the

<rule name="required" value="true">This module requires data for this

which does seem to work well. I guess we should post a list of rules one can
use. I'll look into this after diffs have been accepted and checked in.

2. For numbers there is also an "notANumberMessage" element which again I
have doubts whether this actually ever worked. We could drop it altogether
since all the number validators have a default message or make it into a
rule which may be more consistent ie

<rule name="invalidNumber" value="">This is an invalid integer</rule>

The latter has my preference

Feedback welcome


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