From: Rodrigo Reyes

I have been working on ActionEvents lately and made quite
some changes.
Maybe the most important is that, now, ActionEvents will be able to handle
events specified as form fields. For example, you will be able to place a
hidden field, the name of which should be "_event", and fill it with the
value "refresh". When submited, you will have the event "doRefresh"
executed. We added this feature since changing a field value is
easier than
changing its name, as the original ActionEvent forced you to do
that if you
were not trigging events from buttons. Still, the older functionality is
still there. So now, we have an extended Action Event, but it is still
backwards compatible.
Now, we wanted to ask a question: we have created some special events
which get triggered on specific moments (before anything happens,
before any
event, after all events and before everything happens). We found
that these
events were useful for us, but we wanted to know if there would be any
problem to include them as part of the patches we will be soon submitting.
They have empty implementations, so the developers won't have to implement
them unless they want or need to. A flowchart explaining all these events
could be found at http://www.instaservi.com/actioneventflowchart.jpg. What
do you think? Any con's? We also have an enhaced
SecureVelocityAction which
can check for authorization on a per-event basis. Thanx
Hi Rodrigo.

I like the _event extension.

I would also like to hear more about the motivation behind pre/post events.
I am tempted to think that they are unnecessary in that they could easily be
handled with a more complex action class. In this case, and given that many
people possibly won't use them, it might be extraneous processing for each
action. I feel that anything adding processing-work for each request should
be minimized, and only used when necessary.


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