On 31.12.2011 18:37, Caldarale, Charles R wrote:
From: Jerry Malcolm
Subject: Re: Different session id per page
If there was a way to tell TC to use "/" as the path, that would
work in this case.
Look at the sessionCookiePath attribute for<Context> and see if that will help:

Yes, you can change the path of the session cookie used by Tomcat, and
in case you need to change it to "/", you can also change the name of
the session cookie to make sure you won't run into a conflict with
another Java webapp session cookie used on the same server.

The alternative is rewriting the cokie at the reverse proxy (Apache Web
Server), using mod_headers or to cookie rewriting feature if mod_proxy.
A cookie set by the server (Tomcat) is just a "Cookie" response header,
which you can change dynamically at the reverse proxy to account for
reversing your URL rewriting for requests.

Some info about that is also avilable at


If you are using mod_proxy, please have a look at the mod_proxy docs.



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