Err, that's "Rapid" or course.... dunno what "tapid" is :)

Frank W. Zammetti
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and "Practical Ajax Projects with Java Technology"
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Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
Eh, we've all done "rapid iterative design"... it usually goes
something like this...

10:34am: "I need the logo to be flaming instead of waving, and it has
to be done by 11:00am"
10:58am: "Scratch that, the logo has to fade in and out and it MUST be
implemented by 11:15am"
11:20am: "Please change the site's layout from three fluid columns to
two static by noon's product demo"
12:22pm: "The demo went well, but they want the logo to be a subtle
background image, and the layout has to have a header, footer, sidebar
and the original three fluid columns. The next demo is at 1:30 so it
has to be done by then."

By the way, "tapid iterative development" usually ends in one or more
suicides, loss of staff to the local Wal-Mart or any version of
Windows Vista.


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