SanJ.SANJAY wrote:
Re-write? So if someone wants to upgrade struts, they have to be prepared to
re-write their application in new version ..if thats the case then I think
its the last thing a developer will do. If I have re-write the application,
I would rather look at some much better frameworks, like
Not sure I'd say JSF is a better framework than *anything*, but I digress...

You could always go with door #3: don't upgrade at all. S1 is still a
perfectly viable framework, and especially if you have no pressing need
(other than resume padding), then what's the point of upgrading at all?
There are TONS of perfectly good applications still in the wild running
on S1, and no one is clamoring to update many of them.

Dave is 100% correct: S2 != S1. They have a few concepts in common
naturally, but there is, I think it's fair to say, more that makes them
different than makes them alike. A complete rewrite is probably the
best bet (I heard tell of some porting possibilities, side-by-side
execution possibilities, but I'm not sure what the status of those are).

Or, as I said, no rewrite at all. Sometimes leaving well enough alone
really is the best option.


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newton.dave wrote:
SanJ.SANJAY wrote:
Thanks Dave for the reply. I did not follow any process. I just wanted to
upgrade Struts from1 to 2.0.14. SO read at the user guide that you just
to throw the *.jar files to your
That says Struts 1; you said you were upgrading to Struts 2. Anything
found in Struts 1 documentation, by definition, isn't particularly
useful for Struts 2.

To upgrade is this not enough what is the complete process to do that?
Re-write your application in Struts 2.

I wasn't kidding when I said that Struts 2 is ***completely*** different
than Struts 1.


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