Ilan wrote:
NB: http://docs.dojocampus.org/dijit/form/DateTextBox is what looks
Again. I am just asking if there are any recommended practices when adding a
Digit widgit to a Struts 1.3 jsp/view
There really isn't... there's conceptually no difference between adding
Dojo or anything else to a Struts 1.x application and adding it to a
non-Struts application... S1 has no inherent knowledge of GUI widgets so
it's all up to you. There aren't really even any recognized
best-practices (yet) around RIA development in general, although many of
us can point out things you probably should or shouldn't do when we see it.

Dojo is nice because of its declarative approach to widgets, which saves
you from having to muck around (as much) in the JavaScript world, if
that's something you aren't comfortable with. That's how I'd suggest
doing it (you have the option of that or a programmatic approach).
Other libraries generally require a bigger investment in that regard
(which many of us would argue is in fact better, but you also have to
recognize that not every wants to travel that road... which was my
motivation for creating APT, but I digress). It's a simple matter of a
JavaScript import, a dojo.require() or two, and some extra attributes on
a <div> (in simplest terms... your use case might dictate a little more

FYI, the AjaxParts calendar I wrote literally 10 years ago, long before
we had the really nice GUI toolkits we do today (or the level of
knowledge we have now about making nice-looking and working widgets!),
so I'd have been shocked if you thought it stacked up against Dojo's
calendar :)

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