Dave Newton wrote:
--- On Mon, 9/15/08, Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
Woah... I know a lot of people don't like J2EE these days, but does it
really take "tens of thousands of available man-hours" to "create your
own code to access the J2EE technologies not covered by Struts"?
Depends on how good you want the code to be, I suppose--if you can implement Spring's equivalent in less time, more power to you... but there's a lot in there to implement.
I think the original question was a little obtuse, but because it's
clear that the OP is new to much of this, we need to be sure we're
giving them a clear picture of things...

Coding against the J2EE APIs directly doesn't take tens of thousands of
hours... not unless a person is especially bad at it anyway :) It's
essentially writing Spring yourself that would almost certainly take
that long. But, one does not beget the other... there are plenty of
people using J2EE directly that haven't spent anywhere near the amount
of time it would take to write Spring yourself, and it's not necessary
to implement Spring's equivalent in many, perhaps even most cases.

None of this is to say that using Spring is a bad idea... it'll almost
certainly save you time and effort, among other benefits... but I don't
think we want to give the impression that Spring is the only viable
alternative. And we don't want to give the impression that someone
using J2EE APIs directly will necessarily wind up re-implementing most
of what Spring already has. Neither of those assertions would be
factually accurate, and to (possibly) give the impression that they are
isn't doing someone new to these technologies a service. It's
absolutely right and helpful to point out where something like Spring
can make your life easier, but we, as people with more experience and
(most likely) expertise, have to be careful not to make it seem like
there isn't a choice here.

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