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Is it still the case, given the JDK 1.5 concurrency stuff, that you are
still not technically allowed to spawn threads in a J2EE container (per
spec guidelines)? Did the latest J2EE spec loosen that restriction maybe?

Ignoring for the moment the fact that we all do it and have been for a
long time :)

I've said for a lone time that there are some problems that can't really
be solved any other way, so whether you're *supposed* to do it or not is
irrelevant, you just have to be careful and be aware of the gotchas to
watch out for, as Jeremy points out.


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On Tue, July 29, 2008 1:09 am, Jeromy Evans wrote:

If you're using Java 1.5+, the standard concurrent package provides
everything you need.

There should be several tutorial available for it and it's well with
understanding the various approaches. Prior to Java 1.5 there is a
library available that the concurrent package was derived from (I forget
the name).

Important: If you're creating your own threads within a container, it's
essential that you guarantee that the threads and their resources are
properly released. Failing to do so will prevent the container from
undeploying your application or shutting down cleanly. One technique to
assist with this is create your ExecutorService within a
ServletContextListener that uses the shutdown method to shutdown the
threads and release all resources. Another approach is to use a library
that provides this level of integration already (such as is available in
one of the Spring packages I believe).

Jeromy Evans wrote:
Hi Dave,

You can just create any class that extends the Thread object or
implements the runnable interface. The required method, run(), should
abstract what u want to do, (connect to the 3rd party server).
Instantiate that class then call its start() method from the Struts
action that should trigger it. Your action should finish safely without
waiting for that thread to finish. Note: this is just a bare
implementation, you might want to consider using thread pooling to
manage your resources. What exactly do you intend to do? Will you wait
for a response from your HTTPS server?

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From: dave.smith
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Subject: Re: Background Threads

I forgot to mention that I am using Struts 1.1.

dave.smith wrote:
I have a function that POSTs data to a third party HTTPS server: void
postData(String sURL, String sData);

I need to call this function as a background thread from an Action
so that the user doesn't have to wait on the connection to establish.
can I safely call this function so that it becomes a background thread?

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