Hmm. The first one is very old (last published 15 Nov 2009), and at
least after a quick look, appears to have no counterpart in Subversion
any more, so it is quite probably an orphan page left over on the web
server from a site re-org some time ago. How did you reach it?

Unless we have incoming links to it from pages that are part of the
site in Subversion, I'd say we should simply delete that page on the
web server.

With regard to updating volunteers.xml, as chair I generally add and
remove people as they come and go. I've been remiss in doing so
recently, though (as Maurizio and you have both noticed - sorry). The
corresponding .html files are generated by the Maven site build. I'm
not sure what our current status is for that site getting deployed by
Maven, but it can be done by uploading and exploding the output from
the build, if that's not working.

Martin Cooper

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 10:58 AM, John Lindal wrote:
Currently, there are two different versions:


The first one is clearly out of date, because the second one matches what is in subversion.

Should I add a redirect in .htaccess to point /volunteers.html to /dev/volunteers.html?

Also, is there a process for updating /dev/volunteers.html?  Or do I just do it manually, from the results of mvn site?

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